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Rigs For King George Whiting

Words & Images: Kosta Linardos

To novice bait fishermen, the pursuit of King George whiting and achieving your bag limit may seem straightforward. However, catching these elusive fish requires more than meets the eye. Beyond locating the right fishing spots, using the correct rig is a critical element in your success. In this guide, we’ll delve into the two most effective and straightforward rigs employed by seasoned anglers to catch King George whiting.

The Paternoster Rig: A Finessed Approach

The Paternoster Rig stands out as the ultimate choice for King George whiting across various locations. This finesse and stealthy rig consistently outperforms others. Learning to tie a dropper loop (a simple knot, refer to YouTube videos for guidance) and a blood knot is essential for crafting this rig.

Here’s a breakdown of the Paternoster Rig For King George

  1. Tie the dropper loop and leave 1.5m of leader before attaching the hook.
  2. Loop your bomb sinker off the dropper loop for easy adjustments.
  3. Maintain a 1.5m distance between the hook and sinker to allow whiting to find the bait naturally.
  4. Adapt sinker size to changes in depth and tide easily.

The recommended hook for this rig is a longshank in size 6, facilitating easy threading of baits like pipi, mussel, and squid. Hold onto the rod, remain vigilant for bites, and strike promptly for successful catches.

Watch our video on how to catch whiting to see the rigs in action.
C. An example of a long shank hook that is best utilised when the angler is holding the rod.
Long shank hooks are the best hook to use. Daiichi make the best long shank hooks for whiting. Size 4 and 6 are the best sizes.

Fast Tide and Deep-Water Adaptation

For faster tides and deeper waters, modify the Paternoster Rig by swapping the hook and sinker positions and shortening the leader to 75cm. With the hook positioned above and the sinker below, this rig is suitable for dropping straight down below the boat. Opt for a small circle hook in size 6 to enable self-hooking in deeper and faster waters.

Alternatively you can buy pre-made rigs in this style that feature flashers on the hooks. Black Magic tackle and Hayabusa both make excellent versions of this rig.

Use this rig by placing it in the rod holder or holding onto the rod and gently lifting. Avoid striking too hard to prevent pulling the hook from the whiting’s mouth.

Circle hooks for King george whiting rigs are great in deeper water and faster currents. You can leave the rod in the rod holder or just gently lift when a fish bites.
Circle hooks work great in deeper water and faster currents. You can leave circle hook rigs in the rod holder and the fish will hook themselves.

Beads, Tubing, and Flashers: Adding Visual Appea

Enhance your rigs with small beads and thin red tubing, with red being the preferred color for attracting whiting. Some anglers opt for tube only, others for beads, and some incorporate both. Adding beads or tube can be beneficial when whiting are less active, acting as visual attractants to draw attention to your bait. Keep it moderate – a few beads and a hook’s length of tube should suffice.

A Range of tackle and King George whiting rigs that you can find anywhere.
A Range of whiting tackle that you can find anywhere.

In Conclusion: Rigs Matter

Selecting the right rig and hook significantly impacts your catch and strike rate. Dedicate time to mastering knots, and pre-tie rigs before your fishing expeditions to enhance your overall fishing experience, regardless of the species you’re targeting. This attention to detail will undoubtedly elevate your fishing prowess.

A hot bite like this will require good sharp hooks and well tied rigs to make the most of it

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