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Molix Jerk 140

Words & Images: Colby Lesko

I was recently sent the Molix Jerk 140 to review. It’s a flat-sided sinking stickbait but you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a bibless minnow as the shape is very similar; however, this a topwater lure you cast and retrieve and not something you’d troll at high speeds. It’s a unique-looking stickbait and – for a 140mm lure – has some great presence in the water thanks to its large shad profile, as opposed to the minnow cigar-like shape found on most stickbaits. This makes it perfect for inshore reefs in the northern parts of Australia where coral trout, trevally, jacks, red seabass and queenfish may be feeding on pelagic species as opposed to schooling baitfish, and it’s also a great imitation of a fusilier, which is preyed on by almost everything in northern waters.

It’s all well and good for a lure to look the part when targeting hard-fighting fish near heavy coral reefs, but lures of this kind must have exceptional build quality and hardware to handle the heavy drag pressures required to stop reef species.

Thankfully, these lures are built tough, with a wire-through 1.4mm stainless steel harness from tow point to trebles. It also has large stainless steel hook hangers that can withstand far greater pressure than I applied in the review work-out. The Molix Jerk comes in two sizes, the 140 and 105. Both models are reasonably heavy for their size, at 65 and 85 grams each. The 140 is better suited to pelagic fish and the offshore environment, while the 105 could be used for smaller fish on the flats in both fresh and saltwater. The finishes on the lures are great with some natural colours and brighter colours. The external finish of the colour I tested (Crazy White) has a highly reflective pearl that reflects the sun with great flash. The finishes, however, are not that resistant to teeth because they are painted on the exterior, and after a few fish this external layer showed teeth marks. They are a silent lure, so will work best in clear water where sonic attributes are less important.

The lure has a wobble on the drop and an S-shaped wiggle when retrieved. This imitates a wounded or fleeing baitfish and is perfect for shallow water predators. The lure seems well suited to casting at pelagic fish feeding on bait or on bigger reef fish that are hunting down baitfish. The Great Barrier Reef was the perfect testing ground for a lure of this type, and straight away was into the action, receiving bites from cod, coral trout, trevally and mackerel. The Jerk 140 has a great fish-attracting action that you can feel all the way back to the rod. Big medium-paced sweeps of the rod have the lure darting from side to side before stopping while you wind up the slack and sweep again. This was the best retrieve I found with the lure. Most bites were between sweeps as the lure sits still or flutters down, and the lure also swims well on a medium-paced retrieve where it will dart from side to side.

Overall, the Jerk 140 performs well for what it is designed for – it catches fish and casts well. Retailing at just under $25 bucks, it’s an affordable lure for all anglers and offers great bang for buck for the construction offered, most stickbaits at this price point don’t offer a wire-through harness. The lure is easy to cast and work so is a winner for all anglers, regardless of their skill set. The Molix Jerk 140 is in stores now and available in five colours.

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