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Best Hardbodies For Spawn Run

We’re now entering the start of the trout spawn run in Victoria and NSW and no location grabs the attention of anglers like the Eucumbene River. If you’re wanting more info on the river and the spawn run fishery check out the link at the bottom of this article.

The lures presented here are not only great for Eucumbene but for anywhere where you may be targeting big trout and wanting to know what hardbodies to pack. Trout love a well presented jerkbait or crankbait and the lures below in this list are proven performers. Spawn run trout are highly territorial and will often reaction strike more so than out of hunger, so bigger lures often do account for bigger fish and more strikes.

When it comes to colour if you want to play it safe stick with orange/gold and trout, spotted dog and yamame colour patterns, they rarely fail. I have chosen lures that will work well when the river is slow and shallow or deep and fast. When I mention in the lure description that a lure “tracks well”, I’m largely referring to the jerkbaits and it means they can be worked at speed with aggressive jerks across fast currents without bogging down or blowing out. Many of the below lures are available in sinking, suspending and floating buoyancy. My experience has shown that floating lures are best followed by suspending. Trout don’t like anything that stops moving and just that small rise of a floating lure on a pause is enough to get them to strike. When using suspending lures keep them moving. Sinking lures have their place but are prone to snags so I avoid them.

Daiwa Double Clutch 75SP & 95SP

The Double Clutch is a must have lure for pretty much any species that resides in rivers, lakes or estuaries. It’s one of very few lures that can be worked like a jerkbait and a crankbait. It has an awesome action with a slow roll and can dive down deep bumping its bib along the bottom or can be worked with fast erratic jerks. It tracks well in fast water and is ultra-responsive. If you don’t have a few go and buy some.

Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 65 & 80

The Flash Minnow is as effective on trout in its smaller sizes as what it is barra up north in the larger models, it’s one of the worlds best jerkbaits and it’s a must have. We recommend the 65 and 80mm sizes. They offer a huge range of colours, they’re amazingly responsive, track well in fast current and fish love them.

Adusta RSJ100

A big jerkbait with a great cast weight system and a rattle. This lure has caught me some big trout thanks to its large profile, long and accurate casting distance and its ability to track and stay down with agressive jerks in fast water. You can slow roll it too and it has a great action.

Live Target Trout 90F & 102F

The LT Trout comes in two sinking sizes of 50 and 70mm and two floating sizes of 90 and 102mm. It comes in some amazing trout patterns and has life like moulded fins. I’ve used the big 102mm up at Eucumbene and the trout love it. A great lure when the river is running hard and deep-it’s big, it tracks well and gets noticed. If the river is moving slower or running shallow opt for the smaller sizes.

Pro Lure ST 72

 The Pro Lure ST72 comes in both deep and shallow running, has an excellent cast weight transfer system, is highly responsive and tracks well. It comes in a great range of colours including some very cool brook trout and rainbow trout patterns.


Pontoon 21 Crackjack 58 SPDR

This is a great deep diving crankbait that can handle the fast current of a river. It gets down quick and holds its action even with a bit of pace. A great lure for getting down over the redds. It was a standout performer at a trip to Eucumbene in the yamame colour. It has a great weight transfer system allowing for great accuracy and distance.


Lucky Craft Chinu Shad

If you want a fat bodied crank bait with a heap of action that will get down and piss off an angry trout then the Lucky Craft Chinu Shad is what you’re after. It has a solid range of colours and will deal with all the river can throw at it. Work it slow and let that big bib get the lure down to where the fish are.

Evergreen Tiny Predator

Another great crankbait that casts well, has some amazingly innovative UV colours and gets down deep and stays deep with ease and is great at avoiding snags. It has an awesome action, can handle the river flow and fish love them.

NSW: Eucumbene River

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