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How To Catch Cobia

Cobia are a widespread species across the northern Australian coast year-round – they fight hard, eat lures or baits and are often caught by anglers. Cobia – also known as black kingfish – grow in excess of 40kg but are more commonly caught around 10 to 15kg in size. At this size the fish put up a great fight and

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South Australian Calamari Land Based

Words & Images: Oli Wood Late winter and early spring means only one thing for me here in South Australia, and that is big southern calamari and loads of them. It’s these cooler water temperatures where big squid congregate in the shallower waters to breed.  In order to catch more squid, it’s important to understand their behaviour during this time

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Western Port Snapper

Words & Images: Peter ‘Fergie” Ferguson Many people think snapper season starts only in mid-November but let me assure you, there are quality snapper to be caught well before then by those anglers willing to put in the hard yards to get what I believe are the most satisfying snapper captures of the season. Over the years I have caught

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How To catch Coral Trout

Coral trout are a Queensland staple and one of the most targeted fish in northern Australia. The amazing eating qualities and generally great catchability of coral trout makes them an awesome target. There are five species of coral trout commonly caught in northern Australia: the common coral trout, bar cheek coral trout, blue spot coral trout, passion fruit coral trout

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Estuary Perch In Winter

Words & Images: Kosta Linardos Targeting estuary species is often associated with the summer months. Early morning sunrises, shorts and T-shirts and late warm nights are all part of the appeal when fishing an estuary in summer. The warmer months are also thought of as the prime time to target a range of inshore species such as bream, bass, flathead,

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Murray Cod- How Long To Wait Between Missed Hits?

Cod fishing is riddled with unanswered questions. It’s part of the reason it hooks you so bad and keeps you coming back for more, like a cod junkie. At times the addiction can be so bad it’s like you have blinkers on and the only thing you are searching for is that next hit. Yet, this blinkered approach can mean

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Googong Dam Giant Cod

Words & Images: Colby Lesko I have always been obsessed with travelling to new locations when targeting Murray cod. I think it’s the massive range of different environments these fish live in and the huge area of Australia where you can target them. The Murray-Darling Basin stretches across five states and territories of Australia and has some immensely different landscapes.

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Australian Bass In Victoria

Australian bass have always been found in the far eastern rivers of Victoria but in recent years – after extensive stockings by the Victorian Fisheries Authority – they are now widespread in great numbers all across Gippsland and the east of the state. The stocked fish are now well into the 40cm lengths and there’s still the odd chance of

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Run Off Barra

At about three weeks out from my wife giving birth, I had put the proverbial boat cover on and was settled in the thought there would be a significantly reduced fishing and hunting schedule in the short term.  As soon as I had that thought, the phone rang.  It was my great mate and long-term Northern Territory barra guide and

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