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Welcome To The Jungle

Jungle perch are an amazing species of fish found in North Queensland. They live in some of the most pristine tropical rivers Australia has to offer and this makes for some of the best scenery I have ever experienced when fishing. The perch push up high into the tropical rainforest rivers and streams and these are extremely beautiful places to

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GTs On Topwater

Giant trevally popping is by far the most physically hardcore form of sportfishing there is – it’s like the bull riding of the fishing world. Explosive surface takes, along with locked drags and treacherous terrain, make for some exhilarating fishing. Giant trevally (or GTs as they are commonly known) are one of the hardest-fighting fish in the ocean and have

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Longtail Tuna From the Rocks

A dream scenario in just about any form of angling is the overwhelming and exciting visual where we are able to ‘spot’ our prey. Those moments where you have seen a fish actively feeding and ‘tailing’, or even simply cruising towards you, before presenting an artificial are adrenaline-fuelled occasions. It can also create feelings of anxiety and downright nervousness. With

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How to Catch Dusky Flathead On Lures

The evolution of animals, with their unique features to cope in the environment they live in, has always been a fascination to me. Most particularly, the thousands of varieties of fish that cohabitate in the same area, all with a different shape and set of feeding or survival habits.  Who would have ever thought that flounder, sole and halibut would

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Choosing The Right Bream Lure

Understanding when to grab which lure from your box can be the difference between catching and just casting You’ll find a plethora of lures at any tackle store that have been designed or marketed as bream lures. Crankbaits, jerkbaits, all manner of soft plastics and a huge range of surface lures are on offer. You do need to have a

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Targeting Estuary Perch In Autumn

“It’s not like it used to be in the old days” is one of those often heard, unfortunate sayings in angling circles. It’s along the lines of “You should’ve been here yesterday”, suggesting that no matter what day you turn up, the location and target species are never going to be what they used to be.  No matter what age

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Deep Dropping

The ocean is an incredible source of surprises. Giant squid, white whales, odd-looking floaty clear things and fish with lights attached to their heads, just to mention a few. The Jules Verne novels and tales of deep-sea creatures that lurked in the inky black depths captivated me as a child, and to this day I often wonder what is still

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Swords In Shorts

Words & Images: Dean Linardos Of all the gamefish species available to Victorian anglers, none build as much excitement and anticipation as the mighty broadbill swordfish. It’s one of the most exciting forms of game fishing and a night before a sword trip fills anglers with the same excitement and anticipation as a child on Christmas Eve.   The summer holidays

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Best Hardbodies For Spawn Run

We’re now entering the start of the trout spawn run in Victoria and NSW and no location grabs the attention of anglers like the Eucumbene River. If you’re wanting more info on the river and the spawn run fishery check out the link at the bottom of this article. The lures presented here are not only great for Eucumbene but

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