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How to Catch

Eildon Yellowbelly

Words & Images: Stephen Vidler The mighty and magnificent Lake Eildon is fast becoming the stuff of legend when it comes to freshwater fishing in Victoria – and, indeed, Australia. With Fisheries Victoria undertaking massive stocking programs in recent years, including an extra one million Murray cod from 2011 to 2013 and a record stocking of about 250,000 golden perch

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Victoria’s Massive Bluefin Tuna

Words & Images: Lee Rayner We had been working the same football field-sized patch of water all day long, and while it hadn’t gone crazy, terns, gannets, seals and dolphins had been hanging around throughout. It was just a matter of time till the feeding switch was flicked and the place came alive. Then, right on cue as we approached

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Whiting On Surface Lures

Words and Images: Peter Morris While targeting whiting on lures is nothing new, there are still countless anglers who walk away with only one or two fish from what they consider a good session. With successful lures and a technique that is obviously working, the question becomes what you are able to do to tilt the scales in your favour.

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Winter Drummer

Words & Images: Dave Seaman The NSW coastline is a diverse geographical stretch of Australia’s ocean boundary – from high, deep-water cliff faces in the south to jagged, broken and scattered rock formations to the north. One thing the entire NSW coastal fringe has in common is the distribution of one of the best eating fish available from the rock;

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Rigs For King George Whiting

Words & Images: Kosta Linardos To novice bait fishermen, the pursuit of King George whiting and achieving your bag limit may seem straightforward. However, catching these elusive fish requires more than meets the eye. Beyond locating the right fishing spots, using the correct rig is a critical element in your success. In this guide, we’ll delve into the two most

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Spinning From The Rocks – Nsw

Words & Images: Jamie Robley The fringe where salty seas clash with solid rock attract many different species of fish, as well as the keen anglers who chase them. Just like any other angling arena, our coastal rocks come in all shapes and forms, so the spectrum of fishing styles and techniques is equally diverse. Over the many years I’ve

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Impoundment Barra On Lipless Crankbaits

The vibe in the group was starting to wane. Under a fading sun and with the faint waft of a nearby fire quietly passing, the past 48 hours on the water had resulted in little more than a solitary ego-saving barra. The mercury had just dipped below 30 degrees and we were painstakingly working a shallow weedy area of Peter

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Estuary Perch On Bait and Lure

Words & Images: Mark Gerkovich Estuary perch hold a certain mystique for many anglers despite being fairly common throughout south-west Victoria, where they provide a popular option for anglers. They are a wonderful riverine lure-eating sport fish in an area that lacks such species compared with other parts of the country. Despite their name, estuary perch (Macquaria colonorum) also spend

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Landbased Barra

Words & Images: Cliff Mann I must admit that I get a little excited at this time of year, as March focuses my mind on just one thing: barramundi. With the wet season normally in full swing over the next couple of months, heavy rainfall can swell the upper reaches and tributaries of most river systems, and the barra (after

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