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How To Catch Estuary Perch

Words & Images: Dean Norbiato Every Christmas holiday the south coast of New South Wales swells to almost double its population. Every café, restaurant, truck stop, fishing shop and boat ramp heaves under a huge human mass, all looking to soak up every bit of their festive freedom. During this time, the fishing discourse is often dominated by the well-known

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Hervey Bay Black Marlin

Every year between October and January in south east Queensland we experiance a run of juvenile black marlin that are migrating for the first time in their life. Fisherman from north of Cairns right down to the north coast of NSW get the privalge of chasing these feisty little fish but it’s the fish trap of Harvey Bays Fraser island

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Big Southern calamari Of Port Phillip Bay

While Victoria’s Western Port Bay is known as a hot spot for catching large calamari year round, Port Phillip Bay is known as a highly productive squid ground but doesn’t offer the same consistency of size. With the on set of winter, cooler water temps and a current influx of bait into the bay, squid with hoods in excess of

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Landbased Mulloway

Words & Images: Peter Morris For many Australian anglers, jewfish (or mulloway) are a species that can become a near-unhealthy obsession. We are more than willing to throw frightening amounts of time, money and travel at these incredible fish and the more you see of that mesmerising silver glow, the more your “problem” develops. As your wife rolls her eyes

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Tip Run/Deep Water Squid

Words and Images: Kosta Linardos I  had the pleasure of taking out Taiki Natsume and Yudai Fujita from Yamashita in Japan on my local waters of Port Phillip Bay. For those who aren’t familiar with Yamashita, they are part of the Yamaria Corporation. Not only do they make some of the world’s best squid jigs but their hard-bodies, under the

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Eucumbene Spawn Run

Words: Kosta Linardos  Images: Kosta Linardos & Tim Haynes For many years I had seen the images, heard the stories and always wanted to fish the Eucumbene River just before the season closed. The months leading to the mid-year break coincide with the spawn run of brown trout in the area and thousands of anglers from all over the country travel

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Murray Cod On Surface Lures

Words & Images: Matthew Perdrau The technique of targeting cod on surface lures has gained significant popularity over the last decade, but more so in the last two years. As a tackle shop employee in the nation’s capital I have witnessed firsthand more anglers willing to leave the spinnerbaits and deep divers behind and stock up on surface lures able

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Eildon Yellowbelly

Words & Images: Stephen Vidler The mighty and magnificent Lake Eildon is fast becoming the stuff of legend when it comes to freshwater fishing in Victoria – and, indeed, Australia. With Fisheries Victoria undertaking massive stocking programs in recent years, including an extra one million Murray cod from 2011 to 2013 and a record stocking of about 250,000 golden perch

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Victoria’s Massive Bluefin Tuna

Words & Images: Lee Rayner We had been working the same football field-sized patch of water all day long, and while it hadn’t gone crazy, terns, gannets, seals and dolphins had been hanging around throughout. It was just a matter of time till the feeding switch was flicked and the place came alive. Then, right on cue as we approached

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