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Gas ballooning is a unique method of fishing used by land based anglers to target a wide variety of pelagic fish such as Spanish mackerel, cobia, longtail tuna, yellowfin tuna and the Indo-Pacific sailfish. This technique was discovered on the West Australian coastline in the early 1980’s and works by utilising strong offshore winds to propel large skipbaits hundreds of

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Interview: Steve Steer – Cranka

In 2012 it was unlikely that you would come across a completely new style of lure or a world first, it was also unlikely that a lure that could boast such attributes would come out of Australia from a small Tasmanian lure manufacturer, but it did. That’s what happened at last years Australian Fishing Tackle Association trade show (AFTA) when

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Interview: Peter Pakula – Pakula Tackle

When deciding how to present an informative piece for the novice or even experienced angler wanting to target billfish, the idea of interviewing Peter Pakula seemed like the perfect start. The man has caught more billfish than most people alive: after persistently questioning him as to how many he thinks he might have caught, he kept modestly replying that he

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Interview: Takanori Hiraiwa- Gan Craft

Over the past twenty-five years the perception towards squid from Australian anglers has gone through many shifts. What was once thought of as amazing bait, only eaten by foreigners and immigrants, and caught on hand lines has become the newest and fastest growing recreational fishery since bream on lures. Specialised rods, reels, leader, line and lures are all available at

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dusky flathead in shallow water

The dusky flathead (Platycephalus fuscus) better known as a flattie, croc or lizard can be found along the Eastern Coast of Australia. There are a many other Flathead species found in our waters, however the dusky being the largest of the family. The easiest way to distinguish this breed from the rest of the flathead family is by the marking

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trolling and cubing for yellowfin tuna

Words & Images: Colin MacDonald As air temperatures drop, it’s getting harder to find the motivation to put the boat in the water. 
Never fear, the motivational saving grace for us on the lower east coast of NSW is the great Yellowfin Tuna fishing that turns on at the start of May and starts to taper off at the end

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spinning tuna from the stones

Tuna are one of the fastest fish swimming in the ocean and they are built like a torpedo with fins. Species such as longtail, yellowfin, mackerel and striped tuna commonly feed and migrate along the Australian coastline which makes them excellent targets for land-based anglers. When these pelagic speedsters are hooked from the stones, they are famous for their horizon

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Trolling for southern blue fin tuna

With the strong resurrection of southern bluefin tuna stocks over the last five years, one of the most effective methods of getting amongst the action is trolling lures. Trolling lures is the most common form of game fishing. It’s relatively simple, highly effective and is as easy as dragging lures behind your boat until something decides to eat it. The

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Longtail Tuna

One word to describe a longtail tuna would be ‘bullet’. These fish are lean, smooth and streamline. Their pectorals and first dorsal fin have recesses in order to lay perfectly flat against the body. Longtail are coloured dark blue to black on their upper third, with the rest comprising of brilliant silver with a sometimes hue of pink and purple.

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