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How To Catch Mangrove Jack On Plastics

Sixteen years ago, as I made the move to Queensland, the goal of catching my first mangrove jack was nearly as important as finding a home. Like so many southerners wanting to catch their first, I had become somewhat obsessed with the look of these fish, and the stories of their aggression and power only added fuel to the fire.

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Targeting Dusky Flathead

Words & Images: John Cahill Humble is the most common word I see associated with flathead, but to me nothing about them is humble. In fact, when I have big dusky on the line, be it on finesse bream gear or something more appropriate, it’s not uncommon for my leg to get the shakes until it’s secure in the net.

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Murray Cod On The Murray

The mighty Murray River is the home of the legendary Murray cod but can often be one of the hardest systems to get consistent captures. This is due to the river being such a dynamic environment and constantly changing. The river is exposed to high and dirty water levels every time rain falls in the catchment, while levels also fluctuate

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How To Catch King George Whiting In Port Phillip Bay

Words & Images: Kosta Linardos If the sound of the final siren of the AFL Grand Final signals a psychological trigger to start snapper fishing in Melbourne, you could say Boxing Day is the point on the calendar when anglers switch their focus to King George whiting. Summer on Port Phillip Bay and whiting go together like cricket and beer,

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10 Tips To Fool A King

Words & Images: Mark Gercovich Perhaps more so than any other species, kingfish require you to specifically target them.  The techniques and tackle suitable for most other species rarely cuts it with kings.  Incidental hook-ups usually end in disaster as the rig/gear just isn’t up to the task of handling a king, particularly if it is a decent size. While

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Summertime Golden Perch

Golden perch prove a worthy foe in the warmer months when the mighty Murray cod won’t come out to play Golden perch are not often a freshwater species that gets much attention under the blistering rays of the summer sun. After taking centre stage in spring, which coincides with the Murray cod closed season, the yellowbelly fall down the pecking

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Summer Southern Bluefin Tuna

When you hear about summer tuna they are still just the normal southern bluefin tuna. The only other tuna species regularly encountered in Victoria are albacore and they are found only in deep offshore areas. The quality size of these summer fish is often impressive – not the barrel-sized fish that many anglers target later in the year, but good,

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Impoundment Barramundi

The lure of metre-plus barramundi was enough to get Colby Lesko sending it straight for  Lake Proserpine. Impoundment barramundi are one of the best fishing options for Aussie anglers in spring/summer and I always make time to visit a barra dam or two during this period. As always, life commitments get in the way and this year, I didn’t find

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Casting The Reef Flats

Hard-fighting fish and amazing scenery make this one of the best fishing challenges around Casting the reef flats is the most visually stimulating form of fishing I can think of. When you’re not watching dark shapes mow down your lure in a metre or two of crystal-clear water, you’re looking down at the amazingly colourful Great Barrier Reef. As the

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