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Slow Pitch Jigging

Words & Images: Colby Lesko Back in 2014 it seemed like Australia was starting to embrace the idea of slow pitch jigging, a Japanese technique with specialist tackle that changed how anglers could target fish on the bottom in deep and shallow water. It did away with the heavy broomstick-like jig rods and instead offered a slower, less physically taxing

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How To Catch Big Redfin

Redfin are spread right across southern Australia’s freshwater dams and rivers, with a strong hold in the state of Victoria. Many of us southerners have fond memories of catching a feed of ‘reddies’ at some stage in our lives. Redfin are a hardy fish as they fully self-support their own populations, successfully spawning in both lakes and rivers. Fisheries now

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Preparing For Bigbait Season

Words & Images: John Cahill I don’t fish for cod with any degree of zest (or at all) until we get our first frosts at sea level in Victoria, usually in mid to late May – then it’s time for me to get excited.  In reality, though, preparation starts in March (when I am writing this piece).  For many the

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Yellowtail kingfish on Surface Lures

Yellowtail kingfish aren’t anything new as a premium sportfish, and for southerners they have been at the top of the target list for a long time. What has changed, however, are the target methods. A growing number of anglers are now dedicated to chasing kingfish on topwater presentations, mainly stickbaits and poppers.  Your first topwater king is a massive achievement,

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How To Catch Yellowbelly

Words & Images: Dean Norbiato The gluttonous golden perch, affectionately known as yellowbelly, is the staple freshwater species of our inland dams and rivers. This heavy-set appearance often earns the species a number of unflattering names such as pigs, porkies, fatties, horses, dinner plates and, of course, footballs. These prized ‘footballs with fins’ quench the thirst of inland anglers looking

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Advanced Bigbait Basics

Words & Images: Matthew Perdrau Back in January 2016 I penned an article for Hooked Up on the introduction, and subsequent rise in popularity, of swimbaits and more importantly bigbaits in Australia. Since that time we have seen considerable growth in the number of bigbaits and associated gear available in tackle stores. But the increased availability of bigbait gear has,

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How To Catch Winter Calamari

Words & Images: Kosta Linardos  Winter can be one of the most challenging times to catch squid, which is why we have traditionally released our Egi Special in that season. Winter is when you most need solid information on catching squid and while it may be challenging, it’s also one of the most popular times to target squid. Most of

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How To Catch Big Squid

Words & Images: Kosta Linardos Spring signals many new fishing seasons and one that gets many Victorian anglers excited is the southern calamari spawn. I’m usually too focused on other species at this time of year to fully dedicate a session to squid but it had been a few years since I had specifically targeted the monsters that reside in

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Flathead On Glidebaits

Words: Matt Perdrau Images: A full crew A Firm Favourite The humble flathead, also known as the frog, lizard, croc, or flatty, is one of the most recognisable and popular eating fish species in Australia, and for this reason they are readily targeted by recreational anglers. Of the various flathead species found in Australian waters, the dusky flathead is a

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