How to Catch

Trolling for southern blue fin tuna

With the strong resurrection of southern bluefin tuna stocks over the last five years, one of the most effective methods of getting amongst the action is trolling lures. Trolling lures is the most common form of game fishing. It’s relatively simple, highly effective and is as easy as dragging lures behind your boat until something decides to eat it. The

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Longtail Tuna

One word to describe a longtail tuna would be ‘bullet’. These fish are lean, smooth and streamline. Their pectorals and first dorsal fin have recesses in order to lay perfectly flat against the body. Longtail are coloured dark blue to black on their upper third, with the rest comprising of brilliant silver with a sometimes hue of pink and purple.

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Trout on soft plastics

Soft plastics have been around for many years and advanced technologies have seen a flood of new colours, shapes scents and jig heads allow anglers to target trout in many new ways. Ever since I caught my first trout on a plastic ten years ago, I have been refining my technique ever since. Many of you out there may have

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Taming estuary trevally

Targeting estuary trevally throughout our spectacular country is not only a real privilege, but offers some incredible line burning enjoyment. Whether it is the hard fighting silvers of the south or the popper crunching giant trevally further north all our trevally species are remarkable sportfish. The list of trevally species encountered in our river and estuary systems is large and

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Which squid jig to use

It’s safe to say most anglers have now wised up to the fact quality squid jigs catch more than the cheaper style available. You need only visit a tackle store to see that the range of high-quality jigs hanging from the walls far outweighs the cheaper kind in the bargain bin. Now don’t get me wrong; you can catch squid

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spangled emperor on poppers

Shallow water spangled emperor fishing is one of the ultimates for light tackle fun. This type of fishing is exciting due to the pristine surroundings of crystal clear waters and colourful coral. Sight fishing is common for these reef dwelling aggressive feeders making soft plastics and hard body lures perfect for working around coral bommies. Waiting for a spangled emperor

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Sooty Grunter on hard bodies

Quite recently I was lucky enough to experience an adventure quite unlike any I have had before. It all began with a call from Mick Hasset from ‘Mick’s Gone Fishing’ inviting me to come chase Sooty Grunter. For some reason, quite unknown to me, sooty grunter have always held great appeal and were on my bucket list of fish to

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Baitfishing for snapper

Snapper is the countries most targeted species, this is due to a few reasons with the main one being that they can be caught in every state except the N.T. They taste great, fight pretty good and you can target them from the land as well as the boat. They can be targeted by simply soaking a bait or you

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Snapper on plastics

If ever there was a ‘fish popularity’ contest carried out Australia wide you could pretty much guarantee that snapper would take out first or second place. The first and rather obvious reason for this popularity stems from their very large distribution range across our country. Along with this snapper also gain huge respect courtesy of their handsome looks and powerful

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