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How To Catch Garfish

Words & Images: Kosta Linardos   Whether you’re targeting them for bait or food, garfish are a species that every angler should be competent in catching. They’re accessible in every state and can be caught land-based, in bays, estuaries and offshore. Every predatory species, from snapper to marlin, responds to them as a bait and let’s not forget they are

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Trout On Fly- For Beginners

Learning to cast a fly rod effectively is essential to your success as a Trout Fly angler. There are many ways of learning, loads of books on the subject, dvd’s, youtube videos and Google is a wealth of information but by far the best way to learn to cast properly is to take some lessons from a recognized instructor or

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Fly Fishing For Pelagics

Fly fishing was first documented in 200 AD when the Roman Claudius Aelianus wrote a book called “On the Nature of Animais” which described how people fished with a feather tied to a hook in the river Astracus in Macedonia. The prey was presumably Trout or Salmon as the fish had a “spotted exterior”. In recent years fly-fishing has evolved

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flathead on fly

Yahoo! Wide open flats, favourite fly outfit, plenty of flathead and no motor to maintain. This article is a simple guide to getting started on your own flats flathead adventures. There are numerous species of flathead spread around our Australian coastline. Our target is the dusky flathead (Platycephalus fuscus) which is the largest member of the flathead family. Duskys can

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targeting estuary perch

Wherever estuary perch are found, whether it be in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania or the estuaries in the N.S.W coast, they are a charismatic and elusive species. Modern day anglers, often hear ‘old timers’ speak in very hush terms of estuary perch, how to catch them and where to catch them. In this day in age, we as keen anglers

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canal bream on plastics

For anyone interested in the finesse side of angling, targeting and catching bream residing in man-made canals has become arguably the most popular and competitive options out there. Although bream have been residing in man-made canals since man began building them, the tournament fishing phenomena that has taken over Australia has really benchmarked this species as one of our top

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Topwater Barra

Not many experiences in fishing compare to having your surface lure engulfed right before your very eyes. Targeting Australia’s premier sportfish, the barramundi in this manner is not only exhilarating but very effective when conditions suit. Spread across the top half of Australia the barra is accessible to a vast population of people. Whether targeting them in stocked impoundments, billabongs,

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trolling the flats

The tropics of Australia offer many varied and challenging scenarios in which to target the mighty barramundi.  However, if big wild barramundi are your primary target, one of the more productive techniques is trolling the tidal flats and channels at the mouths of large arterial rivers in the run-off. During this time of the year annual floodwaters carry a bounty

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Fishing the flush

In Australia’s tropical north January traditionally heralds the start of the wet season and more often than not that means rain. It’s also the time of the year when most fisherman switch their efforts away from their piscatorial pursuits and focus on the more mundane tasks such as reel services and changing rusty old trebles on their favourite lures. It’s

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