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spangled emperor on poppers

Shallow water spangled emperor fishing is one of the ultimates for light tackle fun. This type of fishing is exciting due to the pristine surroundings of crystal clear waters and colourful coral. Sight fishing is common for these reef dwelling aggressive feeders making soft plastics and hard body lures perfect for working around coral bommies. Waiting for a spangled emperor

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Sooty Grunter on hard bodies

Quite recently I was lucky enough to experience an adventure quite unlike any I have had before. It all began with a call from Mick Hasset from ‘Mick’s Gone Fishing’ inviting me to come chase Sooty Grunter. For some reason, quite unknown to me, sooty grunter have always held great appeal and were on my bucket list of fish to

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Baitfishing for snapper

Snapper is the countries most targeted species, this is due to a few reasons with the main one being that they can be caught in every state except the N.T. They taste great, fight pretty good and you can target them from the land as well as the boat. They can be targeted by simply soaking a bait or you

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Snapper on plastics

If ever there was a ‘fish popularity’ contest carried out Australia wide you could pretty much guarantee that snapper would take out first or second place. The first and rather obvious reason for this popularity stems from their very large distribution range across our country. Along with this snapper also gain huge respect courtesy of their handsome looks and powerful

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Trolling hard bodies for snapper

I think it would be fair to say that snapper (Pagrus auratus) are targeted by more anglers in Australia than any other species and this is due to a few reasons; they are one of very few fish in the country that inhabit six states, they can be caught off piers, jetty’s, break walls, in the shallows, and from kayaks

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Saratoga on small soft plastics

Without a doubt, Saratoga, affectionately called “Toga” by many, are one of Queensland and the Northern Territories premier freshwater sports fish. Great distances are traveled by many to have a crack at these prehistoric looking specimens known for their hard hit and aerobatic displays. When I first set out on a campaign to land my first Toga, all the “usual”

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switch baiting for sailfish

Any type of surface fishing will get every angler’s adrenalin pumping. Targeting sailfish is one of those styles where the action and excitement is like nothing else. There are plenty of styles and techniques that are used to entice these elusive fish to the surface and the one I like best is ‘switch baiting’. Switch baiting is a highly visual

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Bottom Bouncing For Red Emperor

When fishing offshore in Northern Australia, no fish is more sort after than the mighty red emperor. These fish are top of the list for the most common style of fishing in the world, which is commonly referred to as bottom bouncing. Either drifting or anchored, dangling a couple of baits above a snapper sinker is an Australia’s favourite technique

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land based murray cod on lures

In Australia the Murray cod is one of the most commonly targeted species. It’s easy to see why so many of us target these fish, their stunning looks, size and awesome power with which they hit lures will have any fisherman develop a slight addiction to chasing Murray cod.  Anglers generally target these iconic fish in the warmer months of

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