How to Catch

Backwater Brown Trout

There is a wide range of different methods you can employ to chase trout in the abundant river systems around the southern parts of Australia. Whether you fish with lures, bait or fly, every technique has its advantages and disadvantages. With so many different variations in trout-holding water available to us, one can never get fed up with trying to

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Targeting Bream

Words and Images: Jamie Robley Despite the enormous variety of fantastic saltwater and freshwater angling options around our great country, fishing for bream with bait, lure or fly stands out as perhaps the most popular of all. The distribution of bream around Australia’s coastal fringe means they’re accessible to the majority of the population. Other popular or iconic species, from

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Summer Trout On Fly

It’s been a 37C day and some people suggested it was too hot to go fishing (That was me-Ed). Well, I thought otherwise and now I’m sitting at the computer after a day of highs and lows chasing trout in a couple of High Country streams in North East Victoria. At this point of the day, I smell like a

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Victorian Kingfish

Words & Images: Mark Gerkovich Yellowtail kingfish – Seriola lalandi – are found all around the world in temperate ocean waters. In Australia they range from north Queensland, right across the bottom of Australia, and as far up the west coast as Shark Bay. Victoria is perhaps not as well endowed with kingfish as some states, but there are significant

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Swimbaits In Australia

Words: Matt Perdrau Images: Matt Perdrau & Dean Norbiato Well, it was inevitable: it was only a matter of time before we caught up with the rest of the world and started realising the potential of swimbaits. From the outside looking in Australia boasts one of the largest selections of big predatory fish that are the perfect target for swimbaits.

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Dusky Flathead Hot Spots

Words & Images: Jamie Robley Several species of flathead inhabit coastal lakes and rivers right around the country, with the largest of the bunch, the dusky flathead, being the most widely distributed, from Victoria’s Gippsland Lakes, right along NSW and up towards Townsville in Queensland. With a potential to grow beyond a metre and up to 12 kilos or more,

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Fast Water Murray Cod

As a youngster with an early addiction to lure fishing for natives, growing up in the Riverina meant I had to learn to cope with the fluctuating water levels of the Murrumbidgee. So variable was the level through Darlington Point that the river could rise and fall more than two metres in less than 24 hours. These yo-yo water levels

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Australian Bass In Winter

Words & Images: Peter Morris The colder months are viewed as a fairly miserable time by many anglers but the reality is it can be a very misunderstood period. No matter where your chosen angling destination is, it always pays to keep your finger firmly on the pulse and be that angler who can quickly adapt to the different scenarios

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How To Catch Broadbill Swordfish

Words and Images: Lee Rayner There is no doubt that there are only a few fish in this country that have a reputation as the Holy Grail of fishing. Inshore, the southern mulloway is surrounded in cloak and dagger secrecy and regarded as a difficult and lifetime capture. In blue water circles no fish is as revered as the broadbill

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