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How to Catch

trolling the flats

The tropics of Australia offer many varied and challenging scenarios in which to target the mighty barramundi.  However, if big wild barramundi are your primary target, one of the more productive techniques is trolling the tidal flats and channels at the mouths of large arterial rivers in the run-off. During this time of the year annual floodwaters carry a bounty

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Fishing the flush

In Australia’s tropical north January traditionally heralds the start of the wet season and more often than not that means rain. It’s also the time of the year when most fisherman switch their efforts away from their piscatorial pursuits and focus on the more mundane tasks such as reel services and changing rusty old trebles on their favourite lures. It’s

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Trolling for Barramundi

Barramundi are without a doubt the iconic sportfish in the Northern half of the country. They have the ability to hit hard, jump, destroy tackle and grow to an impressive size. Nothing in north Australian estuary fishing compares to witnessing a big barra in full flight, gills flared and mouth open, trying to dislodge your lure. After this the angler

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Impoundment Barra

Impoundment Barra have behavioral characteristics which have baffle the most seasoned of anglers. Every successful session has been paid for with many fruitless hours or days on the water. It’s true, there is no substitute for experience. However, with the following information, one can steepen the learning curve when trying to crack the dam Barra code. As with all fish,

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Australian Salmon In The Surf

When Australian salmon by the thousand come within reach of anglers casting from the shore on the southern coastline, mayhem begins. Every angler in an ear shot is out to get a piece of the action. It’s not hard to see why fisho’s go to extremes to chase these fish. They are a powerful sport fish which run hard, are

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Skinny Water Aussie Bass

If you’re like me, at the end of yet another brutal week at work, all you want to do is go fishing! The problem is, most of us can’t just simply hitch the boat up and go away for a few days over the weekend.  The bloody lawn needs mowing, the fridge needs re-stocking,  and the Mrs insists on having

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Shutdown Aussie Bass

“A bad day’s fishing is better than a good day at work.”
If this is a phrase that you’re all too familiar with, then chances are you have experienced a few of those dreadful doughnut days when you can’t catch a fish to save your life. They are so bloody frustrating that you even contemplate taking up golf!
But rest easy, gain

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Australian Bass In Dams

Words & Images: Colin MacDonald So you have planned a fishing trip, and have decided to give one of our many stocked freshwater dams a go.  I get it; the idea is sound.  A place constantly stocked with… fish; how hard can it be to catch them? Surely they will be jumping in the boat! As you leave the ramp

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Black Marlin on skirted lures

Each year, from September to April, juvenile black marlin are available to anglers along our eastern seaboard. Their proximity to the coast and willingness to feed makes them a prime target for any game fisherman, from novice to expert. Migration Generally juvenile fish will begin to show in North Queensland around September, making their way down the coast gradually, stopping

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