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How to Catch

Mangrove Jack On Fly

Mangrove jack are a brutal hard hitting fish that pull way above their weight in a short but brutal tussle. They are worthy opponents on any tackle and often pull line from near locked drags as they hit a potential meal and run back to the safety of structure. Targeting jacks on conventional gear will test any angler’s abilities at

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mangrove jack on hardbodies

Mangrove Jack are undoubtedly one of north Australia’s premier sport fish. They are the violent ruffians and rascals of our estuaries and many battles fought with these brutes quickly swing in favour of the fish. Hard, fast, powerful short runs give this fish a distinct advantage when the battle is fought in the vicinity of mangroves or man made structure.

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drifting and berleying for mako sharks

Aussie anglers had a massive scare during the summer of 2009.  The enigmatic mako shark went from a legitimate and highly desired off shore angling target to banned in the blink of an eye due to political principles surrounding Australia being a signatory to the Conservation of Migratory Species Treaty – It was a knucklehead move based upon stock pressures

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golden mahi mahi

Can you imagine catching a fish that is as ugly as it is beautiful, both easy to catch and hard fighting, and also one of the best tasting fish in the sea?
I know this sounds like an impossibility, but ladies and gentleman, this fish actually exists!  The Mahi Mahi or “Dorado” or “Dolphin fish” (no relation to the dolphin of

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spinning for spanish mackerel

  High-speed spinning for Spanish mackerel is definitely one of the most exciting brands of sport fishing. With one glimpse of a Spaniard it’s obvious that evolution has perfectly crafted this fish for destroying lures at warped speeds. The classic strike from one of these tropical speedsters usually starts with a serious bone jarring jolt, followed by a series of

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Kingfish On Soft Plastic Stickbaits

Words & Images: John Cahill For those that haven’t had the pleasure….. Kingfish are widely distributed around our coast and are an iconic sportfish.  Renowned for being fussy, uncooperative and dirty fighters with a bag of tricks to bust you off, they are well worth the effort to find and catch by any method. Kingfish are a member of the

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getting into kayak fishing

I relate kayak fishing to another hybrid sport – wind surfing.  Take two perfectly good elements, surfing and kite flying I suppose and mash it into some connected sport.  Much is the same with kayak fishing although it’s a little simpler to see where this came from.  Some bloke out on a hollowed out tree trunk thousands of years ago

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Jungle Perch

Jungle perch Kuhlia Rupestris are a superb sport species native to north Queensland within Australia which are high on many anglers wish list to tackle with. They are not monstrous fish only growing to around 50cm or 3kg but what they lack in size they make up for in aggression and eagerness to take an artificial offering. In many ways

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Gummies from the surf

Many fishermen fortunate enough to own a boat would seldom spare a thought of targeting large fish in the surf or any fish land based, demeaning this style of fishing for those without a vessel. Those that do partake in land based angling, often limit their options to the usual suspects, chasing salmon in the surf or pinkies off a

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