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How to Catch

Googong Dam Giant Cod

Words & Images: Colby Lesko I have always been obsessed with travelling to new locations when targeting Murray cod. I think it’s the massive range of different environments these fish live in and the huge area of Australia where you can target them. The Murray-Darling Basin stretches across five states and territories of Australia and has some immensely different landscapes.

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Australian Bass In Victoria

Australian bass have always been found in the far eastern rivers of Victoria but in recent years – after extensive stockings by the Victorian Fisheries Authority – they are now widespread in great numbers all across Gippsland and the east of the state. The stocked fish are now well into the 40cm lengths and there’s still the odd chance of

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Run Off Barra

At about three weeks out from my wife giving birth, I had put the proverbial boat cover on and was settled in the thought there would be a significantly reduced fishing and hunting schedule in the short term.  As soon as I had that thought, the phone rang.  It was my great mate and long-term Northern Territory barra guide and

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Autumn Snapper In Port Phillip Bay

Many keen Melbourne anglers start fishing for snapper around late September and finish a week or so before Christmas. They then either pack the boat away or start fishing for whiting – and these days we can confidently say tuna and kings as well. You can’t get offshore every day and on those days that you want to tangle with

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Impoundment Barra In The Wet Season

The wet season of northern Australia is an incredible time to fish for impoundment barramundi. Often the dams are on the rise and the big mature fish fire up as they attempt to escape the freshwater dams with the flooding rains and push to the ocean. Thankfully most of our stocked barra impoundments trap the fish in regardless of the

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How To Catch Dusky Flathead

There are several Australian fish species that could be labelled iconic, with barramundi, Murray cod and snapper all regarded as prized targets. However, the humble dusky flathead might just be top of the list thanks to its distribution and accessibility for anglers along east coast estuaries. It has great sport fishing qualities and, of course, a unique shape and features

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Livebaiting For Kingfish

Due to the kingfish’s range and location around the country, it opens up a whole host of angling methods, with jigging probably being the best-known technique. However, past years have seen topwater fishing with poppers and stick baits become hugely popular, and while I do love these forms of fishing, it’s live baiting that really gets me excited – as

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Goulbourn River Trout

As floods and generally horrid weather swept through Victoria at the start of spring, I didn’t make the annual journey to Victoria’s Goulburn Valley for the opening of trout season. That made it three years in a row I had missed trout opening (thanks to lockdowns) and almost two years since I’d been trout fishing. To be honest, I hadn’t really missed it, or given it much

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Offshore Gummy Sharks

While the humble gummy shark does venture into our bays, the largest numbers of gummies are found offshore between the surf beaches and the edge of the continental shelf. Here gummies are in great numbers as they roam Bass Strait and our southern coastline. Fishing for gummies in this offshore ground anywhere from 20m deep out to 200m is a

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