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Amegari S&P Series Lures

The new Amegari S&P range features its first collection of ABS plastic production offshore lures. Amegari is known for incredible hand-crafted wooden poppers and stickbaits, designed for some of the biggest tuna and GTs in the world. After years of slowly producing only these handmade masterpieces, Amegari has now released its first machine-made plastic models. The new ABS range consists of two models: the Flavie 110 – a small sinking stick-bait – and the Urpekari 180, a medium-sized diving popper.

These ABS models can be pumped out much quicker and cost only a fraction of the price to make compared with the handmade versions. Therefore, the ABS range comes in at only a fraction of the price of the originals. This also means the lures are now easier to get hold of and found in many Aussie tackle stores. They are still at the pricier end of ABS production lures, but this is due to the high-end Amegari name and outstanding and design action of these lures.

There’s no doubting the two lure models have a great fish-catching action. The Flavie 110 has a great side-to-side wiggle on the fast wind or sweep, and a nice little flutter on the drop. The Urpekari 180 has a great pop and smoke action on the stab with a side-to-side wobble on a slower retrieve. Both lures have produced some great fishing on the coral reef flats for me, while the Flavie 110 is also a great school tuna lure when the fish are busting up on baitfish. The Urpekari is my favourite of the two as it is one of the better diving poppers on the market, in a market of fairly few.

The move to plastic moulded baits has come at a price, with the lures now susceptible to filling with water from teeth puncture holes and twisted hook hangers. This has always been a problem with all plastic production lures. The lures have no issue with most fish but after a barracuda strike on one of my Urpekari, it instantly filled with water, while another was punctured by a large Spanish mackerel I landed. This destroys the action of the lures and renders them useless. However, this is totally normal for plastic production lures and one of the downsides of mass production over handmade wood or resin models. Regardless of this, they’re still a great lure that I’ve used before the review and will continue to use as they catch fish.

Both models in the S&P range come in some great colours matching common baitfish patterns, and a few brighter ones for added pop. The lures come fitted with BKK hooks and rings and will stand up to most big, angry fish. The lures are ready to go straight out of the box and easy for any angler to use successfully.

I’ve been casting this new range for a couple of years now and caught some great fish on them. They are now just starting to take off in Australian stores and are definitely one to have a look at if you’re into offshore casting. If you’ve always wanted to try a hand-made Amegari but didn’t want to fish a lure with such a expensive price tag, this is the lure for you.

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