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Scantrut Rokk Wireless Active

The first thing every good skipper should do when they get on the boat after parking the car and trailer, or when a crew member gets back from doing so is find a safe place for your car keys. The second thing is to find a safe place for your phone.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I hate anything in my pocket when fishing, especially a big phone, I do however use my phone for a lot of boating and fishing related apps these days such as weather, tides, taking photos and monitoring battery levels, so stashing it away in a hatch isn’t a great option.

Scanstrut, a highly innovative company out of the UK has designed the most ingenious cradle and charging system ever- the Rokk Wireless Active. It’s thin, will fit anywhere on any boat and isn’t at all invasive to install, you just need to drill one small hole for a thin cable and fit it down with four screws.

Just the cradle itself is extremely impressive. First off, it will hold and charge any smart phone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S20+ and there is room for a larger phone. It’s easy to get your phone in and out with one hand via two strong spring-loaded brackets and once it is in, it’s not going anywhere. You can drive at speed out to the shelf in an 8ft sea and the phone won’t move. It’s also fully waterproof so it can be mounted on centre consoles and open tinnies. For the cost of $330 you’re ensuring you’re not going to lose or damage your $1200 phone.

The second great feature is the way it charges the phone, there are no cables you need to plug in, and it will even charge through most protective cases. There’s a little indicator light on the charger that is red when your phone isn’t on the cradle and green to let you know it’s charging, this has provided me with the extra benefit of it being the only indicator to remind me to turn my battery switches off which I did have a habit of leaving on.

The Rokk Wireless Active is one of those rare products that comes long every now and then and solves a host of annoying issues with a simple, thoughtful, and intelligent design that just works perfectly. It’s worth every cent and I highly recommend it to any boater regardless of type or style.

Distributed By: BLA (Boating Lifestyle Adventure)


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