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korkers chrome wading boots

Neoprene or rubber waders with the built in boot are crap; I’m sorry to be so blunt, but they are. They’re bulky, squeaky, you sweat in them, they provide no support for your feet and ankles; and they’re terrible when navigating rivers, bush and many of the environmental challenges you come across when trying to find a secluded trout stream. If you’re reading this and wondering what the alternative is, it’s Gore Tex, Toray and waders made from very light materials that have a built in waterproof neoprene sock.



There are many brands out there on the market but this review is about the boot you wear with these waders, and there is no point spending the dollars on a really comfortable pair of waders and not having a great boot to go with them. The Korkers Chrome wading boots are just plain awesome. This is one of those reviews where you have to calm yourself down and try and find something negative about the product just so it doesn’t sound like you’re blowing smoke up someone’s ass, however, I can’t fault them. First off, they’re built like a tank, but they’re very light and extremely comfortable. They even remain light while submerged.

While the boot is not waterproof the majority of its materials are, so it doesn’t log with water and become weighty and cumbersome. The majority of the boot is constructed from the same material used in making white water rafts so it’s extremely durable. Aside from great construction and comfort the Korkers Chrome have two very special features; Boa laces and Omnitrax Interchangeable soles. Now if you’re not familiar with Boa laces, basically they are a steel cable (very similar to wire fishing trace) configured like a standard shoe lace, and you tighten them just by turning a circular dial that sits on the tongue. They are easy to use, extremely durable and give you a tight secure feeling all day, they lock in and won’t come loose.


The other very awesome feature is the interchangeable sole. Korkers offer rubber tread, felt and studded soles to suit the various terrains you may use them in. Changing the soles takes about five seconds and they lock in solid and don’t come loose.  A pair of rubber and studded soles comes in the box upon purchase so you only need to buy the felt soles if you need them. Basically, you’re never going to wear these boots out and if you do wear out the soles you can just buy a new pair. If you’re an angler that fishes in waders a lot of the time it is well worth spending the money and upgrading and getting a pair of these boots. They will enhance the enjoyment of your fishing experience ten fold and they will last forever. They are a one time purchase. I love them so much I just wear them as boots when fishing around muddy and wet terrain even when I am not in waders. They are excellent fishing footwear and I highly recommend you try a pair on.


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