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Daiwa Bait Junkie 2.95″ Flick- Review

Flick baits were once the king of fish imitations but have lost the limelight to the classic paddle tail over recent years, so I was interested to see a new take on this profile. The Flick Minnow features a shovel tail design, which is its most notable feature. Rather than dual forks on the tail, one side is a spoon-like design that adds a subtle yet effective dimension to its movement in the water.

Crafted from Bait Junkie’s Elastomax material, durability is outstanding, withstanding various testing conditions and multiple fish without showing signs of wear. The added buoyancy from Elastomax, initially designed for ultra-light jigheads in shallower waters, surprisingly translated well to deeper settings of 3 to 4 metres.

During field testing, a 1/16oz jighead with a size 2 hook proved a suitable set-up. The lure glides smoothly during descent, presenting a lifelike motion that bream (the test target species) found very appealing. Working along steep weed edges yielded consistent results, particularly during the sinking phase of the lure. Employing long, probing casts along drop-offs and maintaining a tight line post-cast were highly effective strategies.

The shovel tail design, coupled with the buoyancy of the Elastomax, contributed to a prolonged hang time in the strike zone. This unique aspect of the lure distinguishes it from heavier and denser plastics in the market, making it highly appealing to bream and most likely all river and estuarine species.

The Flick Minnow comes in a great range of colours designed specifically for Australian species. The two stand-outs through the extensive testing period were Olive Oil (53) and a new colour launched with Flick Minnow, Red Herring (58).

While I was somewhat initially reserved about the Flick , it proved a highly effective lure, landing multiple big bream in single sessions and I can confidently say it is the best new soft plastic on the market and one that will become a mainstay in my lure bag. Regular readers will recall how much I loved and continue to use the Risky Critter, I believe this is equally as good, albeit a very different profile.

In summary, the Daiwa Bait Junkie Flick showcases thoughtful design elements and performance characteristics. Its versatility, durability and buoyancy make it a reliable and highly effective option for anglers wanting a small-profile fish imitation.

Words & Images: Sam Leys

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