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Gosen Answer Egi Braid

Much like a reel, there isn’t a lot that separates a good egi braid from any other good braid. When targeting squid, abrasion resistance isn’t a crucial factor so thin, smooth braids that are quiet through the guides and allow for enhanced casting distance and minimal drag are best. The other crucial factor that we look for in a good braid when squid fishing is a good balance of supple and stiff. There is a lot of slack line being wound on to the reel when you’re working an egi so anything too supple can lead to wind knots and anything too stiff with too much memory will hold its coils and can also lead to wind knots and other line management issues.

It seems Gosen had the same answer (no pun intended) when it developed its latest braid for the squid market. Gosen Answer is a thin 8-strand braid, and only available in PE 0.5 (12lb) and 0.8 (16lb) and in 200m lengths. It has a high breaking strain for its diameter so you can add some pressure and pull jigs out of weed without issue and easily land any squid or cuttle fish. It’s a smooth silky braid, with a perfectly woven round finish. While it may be marketed as an egi braid, any light tackle angler will appreciate a braid of this high quality. It performed beautifully through the whole test period, and it’s a high-end braid worthy of the Gosen name and reputation as one of the world’s leading braid manufacturers.   The white colour base with purple and orange markings is original and looks amazing. If you’re looking for something with a premium feel and performance, you can’t go wrong with Answer.

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