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Daiwa J-Braid

j barid

J-Braid hit the market with a bang thanks to a clever marketing campaign that made use of the E. Honda sumo wrestler character of the famous Street Fighter video game. Importantly, the product is on a par with the excellent marketing. J-Braid is a high-quality 8-carrier braid that comes in at a low price point when compared with other 8-carriers on the market. It isn’t just a well-priced 8-carrier, either; it’s a very, very nice braid.

It comes in a vast range of breaking strains and lengths from 6lb through to 120lb and spool lengths of 150, 300, 1500 and 3000 metres. J-Braid is round, smooth and thin for its breaking strain. It comes in a hi-vis Chartreuse that holds its colour well and a metred multicolour in breaking strains of 10lb upwards.


I’ve been using it on a few reels in varying strengths, from 6lb to 65lb, and I love it. It’s soft, supple, knots beautifully and doesn’t easily fray. It isn’t easily prone to wind knots and the 8 strands are woven beautifully – there is no chance of even a slight unravelling. Superior abrasion resistance is a claim that every packet of braid seems to make; however, I have put J-Braid through its paces fighting sharks in the surf where braid is exposed to rocks, large clumps of kelp running up and down the line, excess sand coverage and a lot of heavy casting and this kind of fishing has shown it really is highly abrasion-resistant.

It is an all-purpose braid that you can use in any fishing scenario and there isn’t a better 8-carrier on the market at this price. And, while cheaper than many other high-end 8-carriers, it easily holds its own against far more expensive products.

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