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Daiwa Tournament 8 Braid Evo


Tournament 8 Braid Evo is that step above J-Braid, which is Daiwa’s other very popular 8 braid. Evo is softer, smoother, thinner for its breaking strain and more sensitive. It’s also a lot quieter. Another factor of a more tightly woven and smoother line like Evo is that it retains less water, which provides better performance and is better for your reel. It’s a gorgeous braid but you’re paying for the quality. Whereas a 150 metre spool of J-Braid will sit around that $35 price point, you’re moving up to around $70 for the Evo. However, it is worth it. Is it twice as good? Yes, I’d have to say it is, and that is saying something, as J-Braid is excellent.


Evo can be classed a specialist braid. It’s not just the super-silky finish, manageability and sensitivity that are its greatest attributes, but the diameter to breaking strain. J-Braid with an 8lb (3.8kg) breaking strain has a diameter of 0.13mm while the same breaking strain in Evo is 0.10. As you move up the scale in breaking strain the differences become more dramatic. What this offers you is the ability to present small offerings with outstanding castability, a finessed presentation and a lot of muscle to stop bigger fish. Evo is perfect for the angler who wants to retain maximum stealth and presentation while fighting large fish close to nasty structure.

Like J-Braid it also offers outstanding durability with no fraying, unravelling or braid fluff. It knots very well and is an absolute joy to use. It comes in breaking strains of 6lb through to 80lb and spools of 150, 300 and 1000 metres and colours of Chartreuse and multicoloured. As far as 8-carriers go this sits up there with the best of them. It’s an outstanding product.

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