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seaguar fluorocarbon


Seaguar are the company that invented fluorocarbon, so it’s safe to say they are world leaders when it comes to this product. I have personally never used fluorocarbon leader at breaking strains as heavy as 150lb and I was extremely curious to see how well a tough fluorocarbon would knot when tied to braid and when tied straight to a lure or hook eye.  First test was an Improved Albright knot going to PE10, it was a little more difficult to tie than mono due to the fact that fluorocarbon is a little more rigid but it actually tied very well and sat nice and neat. I then tied various knots to lures and jigs such as a Uni Knot, Thumb Knot and Blood Knot. I highly recommend when tying fluorocarbon of this nature that you use the Thumb Knot as it seems to provide the least abrasion upon the leader and is easy to tie. Seaguar has a soft exterior resin that surrounds it’s interior core that greatly aids in tying knots.


I used the Seaguar to troll a mix of large deep and shallow diving bibbed minnows and compared the performance against a monofilament leader of the same breaking strain. I had two Rapala XRaps in 20 and 30 feet and a laser Pro in 30feet and 2m+. It was clear upon testing that the lures with the Seaguar performed better and ran truer with less surface bursts as my speed increased to 10 knots. I believe Seaguar would be of great value when popping for GT’s and jigging for large kingfish and Samson Fish, however, due it’s very minimal stretch a monofilament shock leader would be necessary to avoid pulled hooks and broken knots. I rigged a few skirted lures that were put out to target Southern Bluefin tuna and the Seaguar performed really well. The action of the lure was in no way negatively effected and it swum beautifully producing quite a few tuna to 20kg.  In closing this is an excellent product that is extremely advantageous in a variety of situations. It can be crimped but be sure to not come down too hard on the crimp edges. In breaking strains of 60-80lb Seaguar would be an excellent gummy shark leader down south and highly advantageous for black jew and other reef dwellers up north due to it’s sensitivity, minimal stretch and high abrasion resistance.


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