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Black Magic Squid Snatcher

The Black Magic Squid Snatcher range is one that has firmly cemented itself in the Australian squid scene. These are a budget jig and a great option for beginners, anglers on a budget or those that just want a few jigs in the boat for the occasional squid fish.

They are offer an effective and well thought out range of colours and their new range of Super Lumo and Natural colours are done quite well. The Super Lumo patterns are great for night fishing, dirty water or dusk and dawn. They offer strong luminescence, a good sink rate and have a good hopping or dart action depending on retrieve.

We were sent three colours to review from the new Lumo range and one from the natural range. The black cloth with a glow body was quite an interesting concept. Black cloths are usually adorned by darker under foils such as reds and purples so the use of a lumo body underneath was a cool choice. It understandably doesn’t shine through all that strongly, but the squid would see it better than we can, and it did catch quite a few squid as each colour did.

As a budget priced jig, the main aspects that let these jigs down is stability on the drop in fast waters and the build quality. Once you get into more turbulent waters they do tend to want to move horizontally and they have a bit of wobble, in most cases this isn’t a huge issue and actively feeding squid will attack regardless, but in times like winter and big tides when the squid are finnicky it’s an issue.

The sinkers aren’t pinned; however, they are well glued. The cloths and tail tapes are aren’t finished with great care and it doesn’t take too many bites from a decent squid for the cloth to start tearing.  The feathers also come loose quite easily or move on the point they are fixed. This doesn’t however mean you shouldn’t buy them, they will catch squid, but they won’t last as long as other more expensive brands.  You get what you pay for and these are quite a cheap jig and better than most if not all other budget jigs on the market.

Distributed By: Black Magic


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