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Samaki Redic SF90

In the realm of Australian fishing, pursuing trophy-sized flathead with lures has evolved into one of the most popular angling styles. While large soft plastics, swimbaits and glidebaits are all now flathead staples, my preference still leans toward using shallow-diving jerkbaits. Among the plethora of options available, the Samaki Redic SF90 stands out for its exceptional success rate, durability and price.

The Redic SF90 is a 90mm slow-floating jerkbait that weighs 11g. It’s fitted with BKK 4X trebles and split rings and has been designed specifically for Australian anglers targeting flathead, mangrove jack, mulloway, barra and trout. With a diving depth of 0.8m it’s perfect for working shallow flats and rivers.  The addition of a sliding magnetic cast weight is a great feature that proved invaluable when the wind got up, aiding both casting distance and accuracy.

I’ve recently spent a lot of time targeting big flathead over shallow flats and without doubt working 90mm to 110mm jerkbaits has proved to be the most effective technique. When I say shallow, I mean water of less than a metre. In this time, I have found some key things about the jerkbaits that work best – flathead are for more responsive to lures with a rattle, and in this shallower water natural colours and golds work best. Suprisingly, there aren’t many jerkbaits on the market in this size range with a rattle and that suspend or slow float.

The other thing I have learned is that not all jerkbaits are made equal. I have broken the bibs off a few expensive jerkbaits by aggressively twitching them into the sandy bottom, and while the designers of some of these lures probably didn’t design them for this purpose, it’s a technique that is often unavoidable in shallow water and it’s also highly effective. As the lure kicks up the sand, it attracts fish.

During my testing, I focused on two distinct colour variations in the Samaki range: Gold Assassin and Ayu. The Redic demonstrated an irresistible rolling action when twitched, perfectly imitating small garfish that are abundant in the system I was fishing and making it visually appealing for flathead to strike. However, what truly set the Redic apart on a particular day was its ability to suspend. While it’s a a slow-floater, I was using an upgraded heavier split ring and 25lb fluorocarbon leader which is what got the Redic to suspend even in saltwater.  In windy conditions, where fishing floating lures on a long pause became challenging, the Redic’s suspending capability proved to be a game-changer.

After a productive day on the water, landing 10 flathead ranging between 60 and 80cm, the Redic SF90’s durability was notably impressive. The ABS materials and supersonic welding employed by Samaki ensured the lure held up exceptionally well, the bib while scuffed never cracked and I now have great confidence during intense battles with a potential fish of a lifetime.

What’s most impressive about this lure is the price – at around $22 it’s $8 to $12 cheaper than comparable lures on the market and the colour range is great.

In conclusion, the Samaki Redic SF90 has earned its place as an exceptional jerkbait for flathead in my tackle box. The lure’s size, coupled with its effortless action and loud rattle, makes it an excellent choice for those targeting trophy-sized flathead. The combination of thoughtful design, durability and on-the-water performance solidifies the Redic SF90 as a reliable and effective jerkbait for anglers targeting flathead, mulloway, big trout and jacks.

Words & Images: Sammy Leys

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