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Shimano Sephia Egixile

Shimano’s Sephia Egixile range is a proven classic; the 14T Keimura UV colour with a white cloth is one of the most influential colours on the Australian egi scene and Shimano has always produced a small yet highly effective colour range. They have a well-balanced sink and a great darting retrieve.  Shimano has dropped the Rattle series, which has been replaced by what was the JDM  (Japanese Domestic Market) Clinch Rattle series (reviewed in this issue), and it has just expanded the classic Egixile range with four great new colours. We at Hooked Up were lucky enough to get our hands on the production samples in size 3.0 and test them well before they hit stores in August.

The four new colours are sure to get Egixile fans excited. Colour 001 may look familiar; named Glow White, it looks similar to the famous 14T but has a glow body instead of UV. It was perfect for the dirty water conditions we were fishing and is a great option for night fishing. Colour 011 Keimura Calamari will undoubtedly be a huge hit and I can tell you it caught a truckload of squid. It’s fitted with a tighter weave and a more durable cloth, yet that UV Keimura body still has a heap of punch.

Colour 012 is a great take on a classic colour pattern of pink and orange with a glow base, and this is a great night colour and will be highly effective in the summer months when the squid are aggressive. Colour 013 Glow Black Prawn is a really unique design – the top half is silver foil and the bottom half a lumo bod. It’s equipped with some well-placed strike triggers, with a glow tail wrap and glow feather pins, and will be a great jig for night fishing and dirty water on sunny days.

Shimano has dramatically expanded its whole egi range with four series of egi (all reviewed in this issue), two rod ranges and a dedicated squid reel. The Egixile BB range comes in sizes 2.5. 3.0 and 3.5, it’s priced very well and Shimano has a knack for producing colours that are highly effective. This new range of colours is a great addition to the proven existing colour range.

Distributed By: Shimano Fishing


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