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Yo-Zuri Aurie Q Search Double Glow

The latest series from the Yo-Zuri/Duel stable is the new Aurie Q Search Double Glow. The defining feature of this new series – as the name suggests – is double the amount of luminescence compared with traditional glow body jigs from Yo-Zuri. While the series does encompass a series of different elaborate cloth patterns and foils, it also possesses an extremely bright glow body that in some models is just featured in particular sections and in others it covers the whole body, so you can choose a subtle or an elaborate glow depending on the conditions you’re fishing. Each jig is also equipped with a shrimp imitation rattle and Yo-Zuri’s famous Round Trick hooks and snagless sinker. They’re available in sizes 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5, and eight colours.

You just can’t fault the design and build quality of these jigs, which carries over all Yo-Zuri products. This company clearly has the technology and manufacturing process to produce a finish on its products that is a long way ahead of the rest of the pack. On the new Double Glow everything screams quality – the feathers, the eyes, the cloth, the paintwork, the way the crowns are glued, the design of the sinker and the way it’s pinned; it’s all done very well.

Double Glow with a loud rattle is what separates this model from others in the Yo-Zuri fleet so my first test was inside, to see how vibrant the glow actually is. It is noticeably brighter than a standard jig and it’s been used in locations that are common strike points. A series of crescent shapes is a defining design feature in the range and they are placed where squid will attack a jig 95% off the time – across the side of the body.

For the day of testing I was fishing in depths of around 6-10 metres so I spent the day using the 3.5 size. The water was green, quite dirty and I knew the squid wouldn’t be easy in these conditions – a great time to test the merits of a squid jig. My philosophy is green water needs green jigs and a healthy amount of UV or luminescence. Luckily I had been sent a model that offered a good amount of green with some bright yellow highlights and those crescent shapes with the double glow feature running down the side. A perfect choice for the conditions.

The Double Glow series retains that ultra-reliable Yo-Zuri shape, so you always feel in contact with the jig on the retrieve. It darts from side to side with ease and the balance and sink rate are impeccable. My first capture was a solid cuttlefish and I went on to reach my bag limit of 10 within about 45 minutes in pretty trying conditions. I probably should have tied on one of the other four colours that I was sent to review but when you’re on to a good thing, don’t change colour.

These are an excellent jig that offer a great model for dirty water and fishing at night, especially for land-based anglers on busy piers who want to stand out from the pack. They’re durable, have a great action and catch squid. You want a few in your tray.

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