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Daiwa Luvias LT 2500S-DH

We asked for the Luvias LT DH to be submitted for our recent egi special as we see it as a great egi reel option that many anglers may opt for, but the question needs to be addressed as to why you’d choose the Luvias LT DH over the Emeraldas Air LT DH. The Air LT is light, tough, super smooth, beautifully balanced, the perfect gear ratio of 6.2 and in our opinion the perfect egi size at 3000.

The Luvias is an extra $130 in price, is slightly smaller, doesn’t have a gear ratio as well suited to working squid jigs and most of us at Hooked Up don’t think it looks as cool. Both reels in terms of features and build quality are similar, but the Luvias has more bearings, it’s smoother and offers slight more precise line management, oscillation and all over finesse.

But as an egi reel, why would you choose the Luvias? Well you wouldn’t, but if you’re an angler on a budget that still wants a high quality reel, the Luvias offers great versatility to switch between target species.

The Luvias DH isn’t specifically an egi reel, double handles were traditionally used on spin reels for species such as trout and bass and with this reel you could do both. Modern angling has seen many anglers have a dedicated reel or combo for every target species, and while this something that tackle companies may encourage, and so do we as a tackle magazine, it doesn’t mean you have to. It’s ok to switch reels between species if you’re prepared to comporomise a little and understand that you’ll be putting more wear and tare on the reel or rod.

The new 2020 Luvias is an extremely light, smooth and sensitive reel that was an absolute joy to use.

As an egi reel it was great, certainly far from perfect, but great. I really thought that the smaller 2500 size spool and low gear ratio of 5.2 would make it a hard reel to work jigs aggressively but it was fine, it just takes a little adjustment and the double handle does definitely help with line pick up and balance.

Paired with new Emeraldas MX rod it made for a very light and sensitive combo that allowed for great control over the jig and outstanding sensitivity.

If you’re after a high end reel that will be great for your egi fishing but would also double as an amazing reel for trout, bass or bream, this is the reel you’re after.

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