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Shimano Sephia BB Reel

The Sephia BB comes in size 3000, which is perfect, it has a 6.0:1 gear ratio retrieving 88cm of line and comes in both double and single handle options with a great EVA egi knob. It’s $279 for the single handle and $299 for the double handle and features all the basic fundamentals of a dedicated egi reel but down spec’d for the budget conscious angler. It has some of Shimano’s better tech brought down from more expensive reels such as X Ship, Core protect and Hagane Gear which provides great durability, however, there are aspects of it where the fact it’s a sub $300 are noticeable.

The collapsible handle works fine, but the join provides a spot for slime and gunk to get into and corrosion to build, so you need take extra care and keep it clean. There’s a plastic bushing between the EVA knob and handle and this provides a very slight bit of play, which isn’t overly noticeable, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as good as say a Stradic.

In use the Sephia performed beautifully, it offers great casting, line management and balanced beautifully matched with the Sephia rod which is of a higher quality level than the reel. We unfortunately couldn’t get our hands on the model that’s actually on the market due to huge demand from stores, so we were given an early sample from the local rep which was the 3000S as opposed to the 3000SHG which is the high gear ratio model you’ll find in stores. The HG will perform markedly better than the S yet even with the lower gear ratio it was still a great reel. At this price there isn’t much on the market that can compare, while some reels are similarly priced, they don’t give you that Shimano assurance of durability backed up by a 10 year warranty, and we an anecdotally tell you, if you didn’t know, that Shimano reels offer outstanding durability and years of trouble free use. If this is the price range you’re looking at, I recommend going for it.

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