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Daiwa Silver Creek 68UL

Where the AGS Silver Creek is something of a “super-rod”, with attributes that we once only dreamed of, the standard Silver Creek range will still satisfy all but the fussiest angler.


You still get the very crisp, thin, light and sensitive SVF blank, but you do lose the casting accuracy, extreme sensitivity and lure control of the AGS. But this is still an amazing rod with a healthy price tag; it’s just one level down from the best. The Fuji K Alconite guides are amazing, but the extra weight does change the dynamic of the rod and provides a more traditional noodly action, although I wouldn’t call it slow.


There are a lot of anglers who would prefer this style of rod and it does have its advantages. It can cast lighter lures, and for those wanting to flick out flies when the trout are fixated on willow grubs, hoppers or cicadas, this is the rod with which to do it.

It offers excellent casting accuracy, is versatile in the size of lure it can cast and the size of fish it can tangle with without being brutish or under-gunned. It’s also a little more durable than the AGS.

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