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Shimano Bantam BT Enber

Since the launch of Shimano’s Flash Boost system for its Sephia squid jig range, anglers have been thinking about how effective the design would be in a host of other lure styles. We’ve tested it with larger jerkbaits such as the Strong Assassin, where it proved highly effective, but this year’s AFTA Tackle Show was the first time we’ve seen Flash Boost launch in relatively small lures with the Enber, a 60mm suspending shad, and the Ligen, a 66mm popper. 

A few months back we were sent some early samples of the BT Enber and had the opportunity to put the new Bantam Enber to the test while chasing estuary perch in East Gippsland. The Enber is a suspending 60mm shad profile crankbait, a popular lure choice for bream, bass, perch and flathead.  The Enber features both Scale Boost and Flash Boost technologies. These features work in tandem to replicate the natural visual cues that fish are drawn to. The Scale Boost enhances the lure’s reflective properties, giving it a lifelike shimmer that imitates the scales of small fish. The Flash Boost, on the other hand, emits intermittent flashes of light that mimic the movements of prey fish. This unique visual stimulation creates an irresistible allure for estuary perch, triggering their predatory instincts. We found that the combination of these two technologies made the BT Enber particularly effective, even in varying light conditions throughout the day.

The Enber stands out not only for its eye-catching aesthetics but also for its thoughtful design elements that are separate from the Boost technologies. The profile is a shad, with a bib that allows the angler to apply both subtle and aggressive twitches with great responsive action ranging from a tight wiggle through to big darts and tail kicks.  It’s less bulky in width and the intricate detailing mimics the prey these fish naturally seek.

Our day on the water with the Shimano BT Enber turned out to be a memorable one. Targeting estuary perch in Bemm River’s picturesque waters, we quickly realised the Scale Boost and Flash Boost technologies were instrumental in drawing the attention of these elusive predators. The lure’s ability to reflect light and create flashes mimicked the natural behaviour of baitfish, leading to strikes and hook-ups from fish that were largely only showing interest in 3in soft plastic prawns and paddle tails.

As we ventured deeper into the estuary, the lure continued to perform admirably. The lifelike movement and the enticing combination of visual cues consistently attracted big estuary perch. The BT Enber’s ability to replicate the actions of prey fish was further underscored by the variety of sizes we managed to reel in during the day.

Unfortunately, our adventure ended when the lure became victim to a stubborn snag. While losing the lure was disheartening, it serves as a testament to its effectiveness in attracting fish in snag-prone environments.

In summary, the Shimano BT Enber exceeded our expectations as a top-tier lure for targeting estuary perch. The innovative Scale Boost and Flash Boost technologies proved to be game-changers, enhancing the lure’s natural appeal and making it a must-have in any angler’s tackle box. If you’re an estuary enthusiast looking for something different from what the fish have seen before, the Shimano BT Enber is undoubtedly a lure worth investing in.

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