Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerk Bait

The 3DB Jerkbait 110 is a suspending lure with an irresistible minnow shape. It is designed with flat sides which make it perfect for stop & go retrieves, or a pause/jerk/pause technique. The new weight transfer system makes for unbelievably long casts and the “head down” position during pauses in the retrieve are features developed by Yo-Zuri’s product development team.

All baits in this series feature Yo-Zuri’s exclusive “Wave Motion Technology” that sends vibrations throughout the water column. Available in a shallow and deep dive version. Shallow: Suspending, Length: 110mm, Weight: 15grams, Depth:1-1.5m Deep Diver: Suspending, Length: 110mm, Weight: 15grams, Depth:2.5-3.5m


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