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Daiwa TD Sol MQ

The TD Sol is the latest edition to the dynasty of Daiwa Sol reels. The new 21 Sol MQ range features 5 models from 2000S to 4000D-C, that all possess the extremely strong yet lightweight Zaion V body. In association with the Zaion body, the Sol also features the innovative Monocoque (MQ) body that offers increased power output, reliability, and torque that stems from bigger gears that fit into the MQ body.

It’s important to note that the new Sol is priced lower than the previous model. The Sol MQ is now $399, down from the previous retail price of $479. It’s pretty amazing when a company releases a product with a huge following, packs it with better tech and then sells it cheaper to the tune of $80.

The Sol is just as impressive on the water as it is in a display cabinet. I put my 2500s to work on rather large, snag dwelling bream and it handled them with ease. The 5kg of drag proved more than enough and enabled me to make small adjustments when I had extracted the fish from their snags, ensuring I didn’t bust them off at the boat.

Even though I was testing this reel on bream and estuary perch, I have no doubt it will handle snapper, large salmon and big flathead with ease. Months of testing on various Daiwa reels has shown the MQ body and Zaion frame can withstand just about any species and circumstance you throw at it.

The ATD drag system as expected was outstanding. I was running heavy leader and heavy drag pressure and fought multiple large bream within heavy structure, I didn’t find anything negative within the drag system or the body of the Sol. No flex, no stutter, just smooth drag and a reassuring feeling of control.

The Sol is a reel that brings a sense of nostalgia among light tackle anglers. It was the first high quality reel for many and that orange aesthetic can bring back memories of fishing adventures and captures. I’m sure many anglers will be pleased to read it is now a better reel than it’s ever been and at a cheaper price.  It’s nice to see that in todays inflated economy there are some wins.

There is very little differnce between the Sol and the recently tested Revelry. While the Revelry is an excellent reel, I’d choose the Sol over it and spend the $100 savings on line and lures.

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