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Plano A Series 3700

I think I own at least one of each series of Plano soft tackle bags that has come out in the past five years. I love them and use them regularly. I need a tackle bag because I mainly fish out of open centre consoles and bass boats without any real tackle storage. I also do a lot of different fishing and the ability to place everything in a bag before a trip is convenient.

With the hard moulded hatches on top, massive internal space, side pockets with tool sheaths and twin front pockets, you can pack a lot of gear into this bag

This new A-Series, in my opinion, is easily the best-built Plano bag yet. The first reason for this is its hard moulded lid with two compartments. This is the perfect place for your phone and keys, or a great place to store used lures so salt doesn’t contaminate the rest of your gear. The new material used in these bags is soft, light and looks great. This particular bag is equipped with two front pockets; while this may not sound like a big deal, it is a great feature. When you start loading in all the items you need for a day’s fishing they come in handy. It’s also equipped with two side pockets that have sheaths for pliers and similar tools. Worth noting are the zip handles, which have a cord that wraps around them, much like a perfection loop, making them very durable.

The A-Series comes loaded with four 3700 Stowaway tackle trays, which hold a lot of tackle. With a bag like this you can store all the gear you need without having to compromise. From my experience the A-Series achieves this like no other bag of similar size has done before.

The A-Series comes loaded with four 3700 stow away tackle trays which can hold a lot of tackle

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