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plano fishouflage tackle bag

RRP :  $80.00
BY : Adrian Gray


There are, I am sure you all know, plenty of tackle boxes and bags out there. You can get any size and colour with all number of options for storage, but sometimes you need something a little special for those times when you need plenty of tackle at your side and don’t want to be spotted by the fish. This is where the Fishouflage series from Plano stands out, or rather blends in. The 4486 bag that I had this month to test run is perfect for keeping everything you need handy with four zippered pockets and a main zippered compartment that houses four stowaway utility boxes. This soft sided bag also features a solid moulded plastic base that prevents water getting in and is tough enough to keep the bag in one piece when used in any conditions. The exterior of the 4486 is printed with an underwater pattern showing fish in their natural environment, surrounded by weeds and grass. The subtle greens and greys of the design mean you are able to blend into just about any river environment, ensuring your position is not given away to the fish.


This is what the Fishouflage series is all about, making sure you are able to blend in with the fish’s natural environment and reduce the chance of alerting the fish to your presence. In this regard, they not only look stylish, but are extremely functional too. Each of the four utility boxes inside offer four long compartments and one larger compartment that comes with dividers so you can separate all your tackle into the right sized compartments, keeping everything you need neat and tidy. This, for someone like myself who tends to have a giant mess in their tackle box, is a real eye opener and gives you the ability to have everything you need, when you want it and where you want it. So, you don’t have to go rummaging through loose tackle. If you’re not a trout fishing aficionado and camouflage isn’t high on your priority list, I still highly recommend this bag. It’s the perfect size bag for any kind of lure fishermen. The four stoways, two side pockets, top pocket and front pocket just seems to be the perfect amount of room to house everything you need for a day casting lures without having to carry a bulky bag and not having to leave anything out.

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