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Plano Marine Trunk

Organisation and appropriate tackle storage are important elements of your fishing trip – and it can make the difference between catching fish and having a frustrating day. An angler’s ability to keep their fishing gear out of harm’s way yet be easily accessible requires an appropriate tackle storage system. Spending some time at home organising your lures, terminal tackle and all the other gear necessary for a day out fishing will make your time on the water more successful and enjoyable.


Plano is without doubt the dominant tackle storage company in the world. The brand exists in pretty much every country where people fish and its products are durable and well-designed. They have just released two new and well thought-out products that fishermen and boaters will love.


The new Plano Marine Trunk is based on the company’s popular storage trunks. It has the same shape, design and clips, but this one is built extra, extra tough. It’s made from a stronger and thicker plastic that can carry heavy bulky items without fear of cracking or splitting. The trunks are fitted with an O-ring seal, which makes them water resistant, and have moulded grooves so they can be stacked. Best of all, these trunks are built so well you can stand or sit on them – they can easily take my weight of 100kg.

There really isn’t a lot to say here: it’s a big trunk that can be used to store a lot of gear without it getting wet and it’s tough enough to stand on. It’s such a simple idea, and a simple trunk like this is something fishermen and boat owners need, but it’s never been available before. If you need something solid to store flares, PFDs, fire extinguishers and all that other safety gear, or just general fishing gear, this is what you’re after.

The lid of the Marine Trunk is fitted with a water resistant O-ring seal and clamps down securley

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