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Bluewater Bullet Bait

Words & Images: Colby Lesko

The Bluewater Bullet Bait is one sexy-looking lure. It’s the one that catches your eye as soon as you walk into the tackle store and look at a wall full of lures. Since putting one in my tackle box, everyone who has looked inside has instantly asked, “Wow, what’s this?” I think it’s the abalone shine finish inside the lure that catches the eye. Combine this with a light UV blue colour resin, super-realistic eye, shiny gill plate and side fins and you have an impressive lure.

These looks sure catch the angler’s eye and this is great for sales. It seems the lure has a similar effect on fish and attracts the eye of most pelagic species. I’ve used the Bullet Bait to spin though schools of fish busting bait and to spin off the sand. Tuna, trevally and queenfish have all taken a liking to the Bullet Bait spun with a high-speed constant retrieve. The lure exhibits strength thanks to its resin build and features a stainless-steel wire through construction, so even if a big fish cracks the resin the wire should still hold strong and land you the fish.

Aside from its looks, the lure essentially fishes the same as a metal slug or lead pilchard. Although the lure is made from resin, the inbuilt weight is extremely heavy and sinks the lure just like it’s made of metal. On the retrieve the lure swings from side to side and wobbles just like a metal slug when you pull it through the water. I have only used the lure for casting into fishy areas, such as bust-ups and schools of fish, but you could also troll it.

The Bullet Bait comes fitted with an inline single hook that’s perfect for tuna and other pelagics. The Bullet Bait is now available in four sizes from 80mm to 140mm, and in five colours. I’ve used the 120mm (47 gram) model and this is a great size for fish of all sizes. The 120mm model costs $39.99 so is fairly expensive for what it is. In saying this, the finish and looks of the lure are next-level and I think this is what most anglers are happy to pay extra for.

The resin is quite strong and resistant to teeth. As the colour and flashy finish are internal and underneath the clear resin, the lure still looks great after many fish. This gives the lure the upper hand on the old-style metal slugs with painted external finishes that are destroyed after a couple of fish.

The Bullet Bait has been a proven fish catcher for me and I’m sure it will be for many others too. The looks are great, and this certainly catches anglers as well as fish. A great option for anyone who wants to spend a little extra to use a really nice-looking casting plug.

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