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Duel EZ Q Dartmaster

Duel and its parent brand Yo Zuri are responsible for some of the most iconic egi designs in history and have been truly influential on all other brands. They continue to be innovative whether it be completely new concepts or refining proven concepts by bringing them into the modern era and the new EZ Q Dartmaster is no exception.

Aesthetics & Features

What an awesome looking jig! It’s clearly a modern take on the classic Yo Zuri Shrimp Hunter that was such an influential jig here in Australia and moved egi into the modern era. A prawn imitation with a moulded shell pattern and soft plastic legs that flutter in the current and on the dart. The colour range makes use of glow, UV, and bright reflective foils that on some models are meticulously laid in strips to provide flash and let the UV body glow, which is something we haven’t seen before. The cloth patterns ­are beautifully painted with vibrant contrasting patterns and the body plastic comes in a range of original colours such as purples and oranges, again, something we haven’t seen before. They’re also finished with vibrant UV crown shafts.

Action & Effect

As the name implies the Dartmaster is easy to get a great action out of. You’d think they would hop/jump like prawn based on the aesthetic, but they dart more like a fish. With a 3.0 at 14.5g they sink at 3.5sec/m which is your standard fall rate and sink with excellent stability at 45 degrees but sit on the bottom at about a 60-degree angle which prevents snags. They’re a highly effective jig and we caught many squid on each colour in both size ranges.

Build Quality

The build quality is outstanding. The feet are secured very well and don’t come out easily which was a concern. The cloths are tough and beautifully secured and finished on the body, the sinker is glued and secured with a large pin and the barb crowns are very sharp. You just can’t fault them.

Distributed By: Tacspo


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