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warlock pro series 52mm

Rob Gaden’s Warlock 125 quickly cemented itself as an excellent barra lure quite some time ago. It’s ability to be cast and retrieved and trolled with great effect made it versatile and perfect for several situations when targeting barra. Like most lures that are proven fish attractants, if it works in one size, it should in others and this has seen the development of the Warlock 52mm. The 52 looks amazing in its comparable micro size and the new colour range suits many species and applications.






The Warlock is quite large for it’s weight and with the large flat bib I was expecting it would create some drag when flying through the air; however I was extremely surprised at its castability .You can flick these lures pretty far and it would hardly ever tangle on it’s own trebles.




Action / retrieving:




The Warlock has a great rolling wobble at slow retrieve speeds diving down to approximately 2 to 3 metres. The 52 is a slow floating lure – in actual fact there was a fine line between suspending and floating which I really liked, you don’t see many lures that float that slowly  – I found this slow rise really helped on a tough days fishing leaving the lure in the strike zone longer whilst the bass pondered whether to eat it or not. At high speeds it has a tight aggressive tail wobble with a head down action. This action makes it very snag proof whilst enabling it to stir up the bottom. The 52 is also a great trolling lure and speeds of up to 4 knots saw the lure swim true. It’s ability to be retrieved at various speeds and worked with flicks, pauses and jerks make it a versatile lure for targeting various species in all sorts of water conditions. The finish on these lures is superb and is sure just to catch as many fishermen as they will fish. The lure I tested with the matte black finish and bright lime stripes was ideal in the poor water clarity I was fishing. A handful of Bass were caught on this lures first session ranging from a small 20+ cm up to 42cm. The finish has held up really well and the marking left on the lure from these bass is minimal, so you’ll definitely get some good mileage out of these! They are easy to use, affordable, versatile and come in a huge range of colours so I see them becoming a very popular Australian lure. I’d be interested to try this lure out in clearer water and also in some brackish estuaries to see what results in yields


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