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Yamashita Live Search Global Colours

The Yamashita Live Search range is the flagship model for the brand and one of the most popular jigs ever. Its vast innovations that include a tuned rattle set to the frequency squid can best hear along with its 490nm glow frequency which is tuned so squid can best see it has made it a very effective jig. Add the fact that it’s got an amazing action and a huge range of effective colours across a multitude of sizes and weights, and you can see why it’s one of the most popular jigs in the country. We reviewed its first inception and have gone on to review all the updates and additional colours since.

2021 sees six new global colours added to the range and I’m sure all six will be embraced by Aussie anglers. We managed to get five of the six colours sent via some very early samples sent over from japan in varying sizes. Four of the colours feature some additional patterns across the front offering some great contrast and two have a natural finish in a silky cloth.

The first GC011 is quite unique, a yellow body with a yellow cloth, this will be a great jig in summer or in shallow dirty water. The next is a red cloth on red tape which we only had in 2.5 so we couldn’t test it to its full potential due to the deep waters we were fishing but it will be very effective in the right conditions such as night around piers and jetties. GC013 is a black cloth on red foil which we had in size 3.5 and this got the most action. It’s dark contrasting cloth over the red foil was extremely effective in the conditions we fished on the test days. GC014 is one that we unfortunately didn’t manage to get our hands on, but it would have been the perfect jig for the test days.

GC015 and GC016 are really going to create some excitement, they’re essentially updated Live Search versions of two extremely popular colours discontinued from the original Live Q series when they were updated to the new tin sinker format-N01 and N09, I don’t know about the rest of the country, but these two colours are Melbourne classics and were two of the colours that made Yamashita the powerhouse that it is today. They’re not ideal winter colours but they’re hard to beat in spring and summer and with the Live Search features I can confidently predict they’ll be better than ever.

Distributed By: Ej Todd


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