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Yo-Zuri Aurie-Q

Yo-Zuri is the company that took egi from the dark ages and brought it into the modern era. Its imaginative and beautifully executed innovations, colours and designs have been highly influential on the world of egi. This theme of innovation has continued through the full redesign of its core range and what is considered the world’s best-selling squid jig – the Aurie-Q Cloth range. The body shape, sinker, hooks and hardware haven’t changed in the latest overhaul, but the colours have. There has been a full redesign and the range has been refined into 30 colours, of which the Australian distributor Tacspo has brought 10 great colours into the country, with more to follow.

Proven classics here in Australia and abroad such as HS (green and yellow prawn pattern), which any egi angler would be crazy not to own, and LRH (white body, red head prawn pattern) have been kept in the range with aesthetic updates and they’re now better than ever. LBL, a black jig from the RS range, has been updated with the classic prawn pattern stylings and pink highlights and, again, looks better than ever.

The biggest innovation of this series is the fact that the bodies fall into three categories; Glow (of which there is green, Yo-Zuri’s Super Luminous Blue and red), UV, which is a vibrant blue, and Clear – with no traditional foil wraps. Flash from traditional foil wraps is very effective and Yo-Zuri has instead applied holographic foil strips to some of the models, which we first saw on the Dartmaster series a few years back, and on this series it has executed it perfectly. You have that great mix of glow, flash and contrast.

One of the new Aurie Q colours BLMP- an outstanding looking jig that is also highly effective.

Colour BLMP, which we had for the test, featured the Super Luminous Blue glow body with holographic strips and a vibrant pink and blue cloth with dark black bands that have been beautifully painted on the cloth. To say this jig dominated would be an understatement; it was extremely effective, amassing almost a squid a cast until I lost it. I since went and ordered four more of this colour.

The dart action of the Aurie-Q is outstanding, its responsive to rod movement and the sink is stable. The hardware is exceptional, from the hooks to the feathers, and the large black eyes. These are an exceptional jigs that continue Yo-Zuri’s longstanding legacy as innovators of egi.

Distributed By: Tacspo


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