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Yo-Zuri Fin Ace

The Fin Ace is based off the classic Aurie Q and features some new innovative and effective features.

As you’ll note the body encompasses a moulded dorsal fin and twin tail fins. These greatly aid stability from back and forth motion and side to side wobble. I spent quite a bit of time watching this jig sink and it is extremely stable. The fins also aid the jig to dart and it is an extremely responsive jig to work. You move the rod and it responds accordingly, this makes it a great jig for beginners and experienced anglers and makes it a joy to use as you always feel connected and in control even in fast and deep water where sensitivity starts to diminish.

We were sent four great colours; two with a glow a body and two with a UV Keimura body. The cloth colourings seem to be dyed as opposed to painted and the markings are detailed and intricate to provide contrasting patterns while still allowing the under body to emit its luminescence or Ultraviolet hue.  They use an outstanding loose weave cloth to achieve this but it’s very strong and meticulously applied, something that not many if any other brands have managed to achieve.

Everything about the build quality and finish is outstanding, there is no messy glue dabs at the crown barbs and they also glow too. The sinker ad feathers are extremely well secured as are the hooks and the cloth is tied off at the tow point perfectly.

Best of all they caught a heap of squid. They have everything going for them- glow, UV, contrasting scale patterns and stripes, durability, a very stable fall and a responsive action.

Distributed By: Tacspo


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