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Seahorse Nets

The Seahorse Deluxe Rubber Mesh Landing Nets are now even better featuring full rubber mesh. This fish-friendly, knotless mesh has less chance of tangling, therefore

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New Shimano Raider

The iconic Raider series – Shimano’s most comprehensive rod range – has continuously lifted the benchmark for performance and value. The latest line-up has been

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Manic Flea Fly Collection

The South Pacific’s biggest range of flies, covering technical trout to saltwater patterns and everything in-between. Tied with premium materials lashed to serious hardware like

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Vexed Dhu Drop

Vexed Dhu Drop Jigs have been perfectly rigged with a flashy octopus assist and are ready to fish straight out of the packet. These slow

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Shimano Bantam BT Bait

The Japanese domestic market Bantam BT Bait is a 99mm, 7g jointed subsurface swimbait designed for finesse fishing applications. The Bantam BT Bait moves through

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Maria Legato F190

With a strong flashing action and almost horizontal pause position , this diving pencil style stick-bait is designed to trigger reaction bites from spooky and

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