FishCraft Dr Glide 

Thinking about jumping in on the glidebait action but not sure where to start. Dr Glide has got you covered in 76 mm & 7.5grams or 127mm & 23g. These two glide bait sizes are slow sinking and smoothly glide into the sight of your target species.  Coming in a tasty range of fish satisfying colours the likes of White

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Strike Pro Strike Max Reels

The Strike Pro, Strike Max Reels are available in 4 sizes, so they have most fishing situations covered for the Aussie angler. Strike Max reels offer a super strong thin Aluminium body design with Aluminium side covers. It also features an Acrylite Fusion Drag System that offers an extremely smooth drag and offer max drag ratings from 5.5kgs to 7.5kgs

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Daiwa TD Sol MQ

The TD Sol reputation continues to grow with the release of the new TD Sol MQ.  A fan favourite for over a decade the newest reel to carry the famous Sol name has received the Monocoque Body treatment to elevate it to a new level of design, performance, and strength.  Its new Monocoque Body (MQ) technology delivers all the benefits

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Molix Popper Tarpon

Developed in conjunction with the world class leading designers from Jack Fin comes the new 130mm Popper Tarpon from Molix. An innovative mouth design creates a strong bloop and pop sound with an original fish attracting action. Made with strong ABS plastic and a hardcore through-wire harness and heavy-duty salt water the Popper Tarpon is ready to target the oceans

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Shimano Tekota A

The new Tekota A is a serious overhead designed to contend with the hardest fighting species. Featuring a Hagane Body and an S-Compact Body design, the Tekota A is more comfortable and tougher than ever. The addition of CoreProtect, provides extra protection against saltwater intrusion through water repellent seals. By increasing the gear diameter, strength has been improved by 50%

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Tackle House Flitz

You see fish and bait busting on the surface, the adrenaline starts to pump, you cast out a slug- but it can’t stay down in the water column, small stickbaits can’t quite get the distance you need, and poppers aren’t doing the trick- you need a Flitz.  The Flitz is the original Japanese casting minnow. Available in two sizes: 90mm,

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