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Manic Flea Fly Collection

The South Pacific’s biggest range of flies, covering technical trout to saltwater patterns and everything in-between. Tied with premium materials lashed to serious hardware like Gamakatsu hooks for all saltwater flies. Designed by the Who’s Who of Australasian fly fishing, including names like Dave Bradley, Chris Dore, Russ Anderson, Rene Vaz and Kiyoshi Nakagawa. If you’re wanting to try out

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Strike Pro Crash-SP

The new Strike Pro Crash-SP is a superb super deep diving minnow of the highest quality. The Crash-SP crash dives to approx. 4mts and is outstanding when fishing deep drop offs, over the top of deep weed beds, when fishing cockle beds and pole bases in deep water where you may use a metal vibe lure. The Crash-SP Suspends in

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Vexed Dhu Drop

Vexed Dhu Drop Jigs have been perfectly rigged with a flashy octopus assist and are ready to fish straight out of the packet. These slow pitch jigs have been designed to fish for demersal species such as snapper, red emperor, coral trout, grouper, cod and all reef species. All of the colour options are laced with high intensity glow and

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Versus Meiho Bucket Mouth

Bucket Mouth is a flexible solution to allow for multiple fishing styles in one system. These deep yet light boxes come with a sturdy handle, stainless steel pinned hinges and are heavy duty enough for you to take a seat while you’re waiting for that bite. Bucket Mouth offers endless accessories allowing you to manipulate your tackle storage to suit

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Stacer Celebrates 50 Years

50 years young, Stacer celebrates only the beginning of its successes, launching into the market with its latest campaign honouring a golden history of the brand name. From 1971 to today, it’s said that Stacer has quickly established itself as one of the fondest and most recognised names in the boating industry, becoming a major part of many families lives

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Shimano Bantam BT Bait

The Japanese domestic market Bantam BT Bait is a 99mm, 7g jointed subsurface swimbait designed for finesse fishing applications. The Bantam BT Bait moves through the water with a tuned S swimbait action and features a realistic profile and lifelike hinged PVC tail section for maximum swing width.  The Bantam BT Bait’s hinged body allows excellent stability through the air

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