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Strike Pro Bob Cat

The new Strike Pro Bob Cat is a dynamite large deep diving crankbait that is highly effective on Native species.The Bob Cat is a Floating lure that features an extra large bib design that allows this lure to be fished over very snaggy structure. It has an outstanding wide swaying action with a head down tail up action. It has

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Versus Meiho Bucket Mouth

Bucket Mouth 9000 is now available in the all-new colour red! Looking for a tackle storage solution that can take you everywhere, keep your tackle safe and secure plus make switching out trays a breeze? The Bucket Mouth has arrived!  A flexible solution for you to have multiple fishing styles in the one system. These deep yet light boxes come

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Shimano Grappler 300HG

Building on the highly popular Grappler range of tackle in the Shimano range is the new dedicated light jigging reel. These reels are a compact 300 size which fits nicely into the palm of your hand which is important when working a jig and keeping control of your line. Powered by the Micro Module Gear and X-Ship system, the gear

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Daiwa Double Clutch 48SP

The famous Double Clutch family welcomes its newest, and smallest member, with the arrival of the Double Clutch 48SP.  Designed as the ultimate finesse twitchbait, the Double Clutch 48 features Daiwa’s patented Silent Gravity Oscilation System (S-GOS) weight transfer system, delivering unmatched casting performance and Double Clutch’s unmatched responsiveness when twitched and worked.  The key to the S-GOS system is

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Gan Craft Ayrton

The Gan Craft Ayrton is a 63mm crash diver that perfect for a host of Australian on Australian species with bass, estuary perch, jacks, bream and flathead being ideal target species. The lures are made in Japan and have the action and quality you’d expect from one of Japan’s premier fishing brands. The Ayrton was based on the concept of

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Black Magic Mini 3-Way Swivels

Small yet strong, Black Magic Tackle’s new Mini 3-way Swivels are designed to deliver a more natural presentation to your target species, in both fresh and salt water. The crossline design also reduces the chance of your fly, bait or lure tangling with the backbone. Manufactured from high quality materials with a black nickel coating, which provides protection against corrosion

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